Friday, August 24, 2007

Life. Boom.

Life is crazy/awesome/more than I can afford right now. New company name and now double the office space (Evolution Media!). Work is the busiest that it's ever been. House is near empty. Need paint, furniture, kitchen table, pictures on the wall. Want to plant shrubs and flowers. Want to have a lawn and not an ever-expanding patch of weeds. Going to to some kick-ass shows in the next couple of months...(Swivel Hips!). Need some new clothes. Need to learn how to sew. Need to visit Jackie in Chicago and Amber in Vermont.

Now, check out the new Dharma orientation video - The Orchid. The new season of Lost is going to blow backs out...flashbacks or flashforwards...hmmmm

Thursday, August 09, 2007


They have uniforms? Best best best BEST. Join the resistance! As if the band couldn't get any hotter...

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