Friday, July 30, 2004 this down!

I just heard these three songs in a row on KEXP:

Postal Service - Such Great Heights
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
Weezer - My Name Is Jonas

I love me some Fridays.

It FINALLY feels like summer!

Hey, beautiful people! First of all, congrats to Jeff and the hottness of Studiotone for winning their Battle of the Bands round! You know we'll be there to represent in October!

We all need to go to more Tigers games! How fun! We were up in the 300 section, but were directly behind home plate - it was a great view. Rebecca and I had our mits ready to go (hey, you never know when the laws of phyics will foul a ball your way), and had fun dancing to the intro songs of each player, mullet watching, yelling insults at the opposing team, and witnessing a 3-2 victory! It was the most perfect night - 77 degrees, hazy sunshine. Good times, though no Tiger caurosel was ridden. Next time...because there will be a next time, right? If anyone wants to organize a Tigers night (perferably on Fridays, because of the post-game fireworks!), call my ass up!

This weekend will consist of humor from Carrot Top, general fun and merriment from Ron's sisters, and a much needed change from the color that Rashel will be putting in my hair - just a little somethin' somethin' to make my bangs pop.

See you cats on the flip-flop.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I feel good about me

You know how there are people in this world that make you feel like your life turned out okay? Well, Mt. Clemens was FULL of them last night. It was some kind of classic car/pimped out ride/mini crotch-rocket parade of the white trashed and the delusional. Hilarity ensued...everytime a vehicle, regardless of car, truck, motorcycle past by the Hayloft, they had to rev their engine. Ah! I don't get it! We are not impressed! So please, please stop with the unneccesary noises now!

Matt did bring up a good point - why weren't there any cops making arrests? If anyone did that in our more delicate suburbs (Rochester, L-town, represent!), they'd be ticketed immediately! It was so great to watch the wild and wacky fun...not to mention an evening of rock and roll with Studiotone. Homies, if your competition is anything like the screaming meanies that came after you, ya'll have it in the bag!

A truck almost flipped over and a mini-crotch rocket almost tipped as well...and the scariest part of all this: their votes count just as much as ours do! I drank more beer than I intended to, so I will not be enjoying any alcohol tonight...well, maybe at dinner *wink*

Go Tigers!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

VMAs are upon us...

...well, at least the nominees are. The main event:
Jay Z - 99 Problems
Briteny Spears - Toxic
Usher - Yeah
Outkast - Hey Ya
D12 - My Band

Who will win: Um...what song was the entire country singing this summer? What song brought the entire Palace to its feet during the Beyonce/Missy/Alicia Keys Festival of Hot? Ursher, baby. Oh yeah, the video BLOWS.
Who do I want to win: 2/5 of me says 'Hey Yah,' because it's just so much Andre...and he has a coffin onstage. BUT, the other 3/5 of me say '99 Problems.' Rick Rubin has as much attitude and coolness in his facial hair than I have had in the last 25 years. It's gritty, it's from the streets, it's Rick Rubin hanging out with Jay Z...nuff said.

Fuckin' Franz "Take Me Out"
Modest Mouse "Float On"
Kanye West "All Falls Down"
New Found Glory "All Dowhill From Here"
White Stripes "Hardest Button to Button"
Steriogram "Walkie Talkie Man"

Who will win: This category is always the most difficult...the innovation, the creativity, they're all winners in their own special way. Because TRL rules the world, I'll have to say either NFG or Kanye.
Who do I want to win: NOT Franz. I really liked "All Falls Down," - a concept I've never seen before (though I hated the baggage x-ray scene...dumb) But Michel Gondry is the most brilliant crazy person I've ever seen, so I'd also have to support the White Stripes. So hard...but who is Steriogram anyway?

I'm a big fan of the music video, so I get into this stuff. I don't know why they don't televise the Best Director category...some would say one of the most important of them all. But they usually aren't very good looking and they won't make out with Paris Hilton at the podium.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

What's mine is ours

*Stares whisfully out the window*

Oh, I'm sorry. I was having a moment...goddamn, every time I see Ours play, I feel warmth and sadness at the same time; warmth because I can official call them one of my favorite bands, and saddness due to the hand that the music biz has dealt them. It hasn't be an easy road, but Detroit really loves those guys.

Last night was a full band/acoustic medely. Jimmy was great - two and a half hours worth - I would have stuck around for another half an hour. Their shows have this way of putting you in a trance, then violently shaking you back to reality, then back into a trance...needless to say, Liz didn't get a health night's sleep. They did play lots of new stuff from the upcoming album (due in about a year), two songs in particular we all heard the last time they came to the Magic Bag, and the old material never sounded so good...or so loud. My eyes started to ache, THAT'S how loud it was. "Monster", "Drowning", "Broken", "Red Colored Stars", a Chris Cornell cover (who apparently doesn't like Jimmy)...and the wail...that beautiful, other-wordly wail. I heart Jimmy Gnecco!

But let's talk about the 'opening band.' There were two bands that were seen in two seperate publications who were supposed to be the opening acts. Well, come 9:00, the feedback machine started...and didn't friggin' stop until 9:30. Yes, a solid half hour of feedback, a few beats thrown in, some keyboards, some audible screeching like this mystery band was trying to kill a bird or other small animal, and flashing lights. Oh, did I mention this was all BEHIND A CURTAIN? Move the fucking cheese cloth, you morons, and let me see who I need to flip off!

Until, the curtian was dropped...and it was Ours. Yeah, there was no opening band. Ours played a mean and dirty trick on all of us. All was forgiven after the first three songs.

I'm glad Amber received our voicemail! Another great show, indeed.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Weekendity Goodness

After a round of 18 holes at Firefighter's Park (which is one of Troy's finer parks), I realize that, yes, I do have some disc golfing skill! I CAN do this! I can acheive less than 10 over par! I am capable of making a 75 ft. putt! With the help of my very long range Cheetah, I am able to execute a worthwhile drive! Sunday, a day of rest? Nay, it's a day to get out on the course and prove my disc golf worthiness! And a time for Ray's ice cream...chocolate malt crunch...chocolate coma...zzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I've got beef...well done?

Okay, most would say I'm pretty removed from the hip hop culture, being raised in suburia and all, but I have a couple problems with some current urban euphemisms.

1. "Retarded" - as in "Let's Get Retarded" the real version of the NBA theme song by the Black Eyed Peas. RETARDED??? SERIOUSLY?? Do you really want us to wear helmets and run into walls, have our caregivers constantly wipe our chin and help us shop at CVS? 'Stupid' is one thing, more acceptable, if you will. But the images that 'retarded' conjure up don't fit with raising your hands up and getting buck wild. Let's get retarded...the more the chorus is repeated, the weaker my knees get as I collaspe with laughter.

2. "Cheese" - first with grain (bread), now dairy? Every time I hear P. Diddy Pop get frustated with his bo as he reminds her that he gives her extra 'cheese,' I keep thinking about quarter pounders. Why not stick with something that really pops, like 'ice' or 'bling'? Cheese? It's what mice eat, not what you exchange for goods and services.

This, my friends, is why I will never be cool.

Also, has anyone ever been to one of those Medieval Times restuarants? I've only seen them in movies and on TV, but can you actually get a Pepsi in a wooden mug, served by a wench before you attend a post-dinner jousting or execution? I've got to know.

Improve tonight, HIVES TOMORROW. According to Spin, best live band on the planet. I'm game.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hot Fun In The Summertime

Wow...What a difference two days off work makes! Just got back from a Pain Creek bike ride, about to work on my hemp belt (hopefully a new way to make some cash off of the growing hippie population), and roast in my apartment! It gets really bad when the temp kick up above 85. THANK GOD for AC, baby!

A much, much overdue thanks to all who attended the Birthday Laser Tag/Bowling XXX-travaganza (or who at least tried to find us *wink*). I had a total blast. Everyone was a champ that night - especially Coell, who straight up hustled us all. Don't deny it - you're a pro, Toast!

This summer has been more relaxed for my taste...not a lot of shows coming to town, lots of people busy with vacations, weddings...hard for everyone to get together. Now that the weather is much warmer...can we say Frisbee Golf? Again, I'll try and find a time for everyone to go. The next three weeks are going be the highlight of my summer - Hives Sunday, Ours Monday, Battle O' The Bands Wed-nes-day, Tigers game Thursday, Carrot Top on Friday...followed by a production trip August 4-7, followed promptly by camping and Mackinac Island August 9-16. This is what summer is SUPPOSED to be like. Someone didn't get the memo. Am I going to have to fire someone? I sincerely hope not.

I found a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble, and spent it very wisely yesterday. The Matrix comic trade paperback and "Our Band Could Be Your Life - scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1981" - an indie history lesson featuring bios on Black Flag, Husker Du, Minor Threat, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth and many more - the history a large portion of our generation haven't really acknowledge. Should be a good read.

Oh, if you haven't check out The Smerigan's blog, please please set the recording device of your choice to tape the SciFi channel Friday morning 8am-11am - "The Buried Secret of M. Night Shamalyan." I caught the first half, and while I can be gullible, this stuff freaked my shit out. Sometimes things are just plain weird, sometimes there are coincidences, and sometimes the supernatural just makes sense.

I need to buy more CDs...I hate being on a budget sometimes!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

In My Own Defense

In response to those concerned about my lack of blog:

Sometimes I really don't have anything to say - work. drive home. fix dinner. watch homicide. read comics. No matter how colorful my vocabulary, it's just not interesting.

People have stopped commenting on my blog! I'd like to think the things I write about spark conversation. It's a nice way to gauge whether or not people are reading. No comments= people aren't reading. I encourage comments - don't break the cycle!

I will make a more serious effort to blog...seriously. How about I start...tomorrow. I'm tired and our apartment is 100 degrees. Ewww.

Step One complete...Eleven more to go!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yum...Fourth of July weekend

Strangely enough, there were no pyrotechnics, no fireworks, nothing threatening to bruise or burn me this holiday weekend. Just tons of free music! Thursday: Cake - largest crowd of the weekend by far. The new material is great, though not coming out until October. Hey guys, that's what I call promotion. Kudos. They even dipped into "Motorcade of Generosity." They assured us that 'no one would know these songs.' Ha! If only Coell had been there. I'm glad I wasn't the only one shaking my groove thing to "Stickshifts and Safety Belts." Next evening: actual tasting at Tastefest. Thai food, falafal and the BEST DESERT EVER. Small plates, baby - it don't get no righter. Later that evening: Esquire (with special appearance by Queen Bee - yowzah) and Rooney. Rooney is good time rock and roll, but I was ready to call it a night. Don't worry, they had teenage girls a'plenty to hold their attention. Saturday: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Ron and I got some interesting titles and some new books, plus a free Jones - chocolate fudge. Mmmmmm - chocolate coma! Later that night: Jet - GREAT. Nothing like dirty guys who know how to have a good time. Fist pumping to every song. The guy behind us almost got killed by an anger mob of fans. He was standing on a chair and was clearly blocking everyone's view. They got there before he did! No blood was shed and the man did get down from his rock pedastal.

Sunday, I did the Smerigan luau all day long - so much fun! While most of Oakland county was under storm warnings all day, lovely Monroe was beautiful. We lucked out, ate lots of great food, spent time in the pool...good times.

Well, it looks like I'll be spending my birthday driving to Pennsylvania on production. It's cool, though, because the thrill of another birthday swiftly went bye-bye after 21. Ron and I are still looking to plan a Whirly Ball party for next weekend...maybe...hopefully. We'll keep ya'll posted.

Time for the "Real World" reunion special. Laters.

Monday, July 05, 2004

A whole day of NOTHING

So much much Hawaiian many comic books to ready.

I heart three day weekends. More random noise bursts to come, but for now, pure relaxation.

And now, back to the commercials.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The D Commandments

Curtosey of Coell (and Tenacious D, natch):
1. Never stop rocking.
2. Legalize all drugs.
3. Quit your day job.
4. All religon should be taxed
5. Cut down on carbodydrates
6. Fuck her gently.
7. Never believe what peole tell you after a show.
8. Always take a spoon full of Metamucil after a heavy day of eating.
9. Get at least 9 hours of sleep a day.
10. Eatin' ain't cheatin'.

If only life was that simple. If only...

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