Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar round-up

Running commentary aside, I think the Oscars were pretty alright this year, seeing as that I hadn't seen four out of the five nominees. Well, at least Matt did pretty well with his online poll. While no award was particularly shocking, here are a few things I thought were particularly entertaining:

1. Pre-show - Billy Bush. Dude, you are in the wrong business. You have immaculate cheekbones. The adult film industry needs a Jenna Jamison counterpart - you are it, brother.

2. Thanks to imdb, we learned that Jake and Maggie Gyllenhal's mom was famous and Samuel L. Jackson has know them since they were kids; Cate Blanchet is 35 - she suffers from ELS, Eva Longoria Syndrome - looks really old (read: mature)for her age but is actually pretty young; and Morgan Freeman didn't start his career until the late 1970s, so that would mean he became Hollywood famous in his 40s.

3. Thank you, Chris Rock for bringing the funny. The whole movie-title joke was hilarious - I can't wait for "Laundramat!" I like how no one is safe from his humor - just suck it up and laugh at yourself, Us Weekly does, you should too! And to Sean Penn - FUCK OFF. You are too sensitive and, yes, Jude Law is a terrific actor. BUT HE WAS IN SIX FUCKING MOVIES LAST YEAR! NOBODY WAS IN SIX FUCKING MOVIES LAST YEAR!

4. Holy titties?!!? Sidney Lumet either likes to give the gift of plastic surgery to his children or his wife is really hot. Those boobs were just too...gravity defying. Darcy and I were a little taken aback.


6. Of course Jamie Foxx had to sing when he gave his acceptance speech. Was anyone really surprised?

7. I did want Super Size Me to win. Oh was a longshot anyway. And I feel like Morgan Spurlock should have some sort of recognition for putting himself through was is probably the most hellacious lifestyle change I can think of. Plus there was a human hair in his double, I think I need to go vomit.

8. I didn't understand the whole Beyonce-fest. I guess she was good - she's has an amazing voice, but she's too bootylicious for the O-towns. But doesn't she need a solider, not a dead guy with a cape and a mask? Antonio Bandaras can kind of sing (but if your along side Santana, does it matter?), and the Counting Crows...jezzy chrizzy. Worst. Hair. Ever. I feel so bad for Adam Duritz. He has no idea.

9. I really would like to have lunch with Morgan Freeman. In all the interviews I've seen with him (totalling 2), he seems like such a gentleman who doesn't feel the need to explain his success - he just is. He does a job like the rest of us and he lives a good life. Cool guy.

10. Million Dollar Buzz - I am the only one that hasn't seen it yet? I really want to. Someone come with me. Please. I don't want to go by myself. I should bring a flip pad of notebook paper and act like I'm there to write a review, like I have a purpose for being there and not having any friends.

That's about it. I'm should get back to my book now. Have a pleasant tomorrow!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ho hum Saturday

TROY ATHENS IS GOING TO REGIONALS! In case anyone cares, my cousin plays varsity volleyball for Troy Athens, and they made it to regionals today against Troy High. Can't beat a good old fashioned high school rivalry. Good times were had, parents cheered, hung out with my uncle and his best friend. Now I'm not sure what to do. Read? Watch made-for-tv movies on Lifetime? The world is open to me. Tonight is the Holy Fire, though. Best - I'm pretty excited. I think their albums are great. This guy and this other guy have convinced me for sure. But tomorrow...hmmmm...perhaps a sloth day to prepare for the Oscars. Why am I such a sucker for award shows? At least Counting Crows and Joss Stone are performing.

Started doing my daily rock squats in preparation for the Blowout. Many a sleepless night in my future, but well worth the neck ache sure to follow in the days to come.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Return of the Greatest Trilogy on Middle Earth

We're about four-fifths of the way through the Lord of the Rings Extended Marathon. It's so great. 11 hours of pure magic - wizards, hot little hobbits, wicked ringwraths, epic battle scenes - the Dork Nation as its finest. It's not for everyone, I understand, but I'm so glad this day finally came. I am taking a bit of a break - need to rest my eyes before the battle of Pelanor Fields. Word, bitches.

I don't know how I'm going to decide which bands to see during the Blowout. Holy Fire, the Avatars or Saturday Looks Good To Me? The Sights or the Gore Gore Girls? It's gonna be a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing Lee Marvin Computer Arm ( Almighty Derf has really peeked my interest)and Thunderbirds Are Now! at the pre-party. I'm definitely curious to see how the 2004 documentary turns out. The producer in me is ready to be as critical as she needs to be. Also - all Pure Detroit stores, Magic Bus in Dearborn and Incognito in Royal Oak are offering wristbands for 10 dollars starting tomorrow, February 21st (while supplies last)! Be all up on the bargin!

As Emily and Jackie have said, Keane was great and we couldn't have had better seats. I love piano. I can't play a note, but Crazy Legs sure knows how to play. Did anyone ever get the name of the lead singer?

I'm kicking myself for missing The Muggs and The Sights. My ass was dead tired. Fell asleep at 10pm - I wouldn't have been a cranky muthatrucker anyway. Glad every had fun and hopefully I'll have another chance soon.

I'm being chastised for blogging at the moment. Pippin just lit the beakons of Minas Tirith - it's on now, Sauron!!! Laters!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bye bye Hockeytown

Looks like the NHL will be taking a long nap on a cold, concrete floor. The players want the salary cap at 49 million, but the league is countering with a 42 million dollar cap and they won't budge. REALLY? GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT AND SUCK IT UP, DUDES! I don't know what I would do with 42 million dollars - fill a swimming pool full of chocolate pudding, put spinning rims on my Focus (what WHAT!), oh, and if I was a hockey player, I'd play hockey!!! My family will begin wearing black tomorrow - they love them some hockey. It is a shame, though. Hockeytown Cafe will be kind of a joke this year, and Cobo Joe's will have to cut half their waitstaff. And those poor Canadians...

Rhymes with Beane

I can't wait to see Keane! THIRD ROW! I feel very parched - I've been to so few concerts in the last month. I forgot about Oasis and QOTSA is sold out (which surprised me), so this is a welcome return to the life I once new. Feels a little more like spring, except for those pesky five inches on snow we're supposed to get tomorrow. Not to mention I haven't see Gilbert Grape in forever! It's been a while since everyone hung out, shot the shit, palled around. What's everyone doing on Friday? Let me know...and we'll work it on out.

Okay...working now...laters!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

How cute are they?

Jack White and Loretta Lynn get my vote for prom king and queen. Did you see all the yes, m'amms and hand holding from Mr. Lynn? They are totally dating. How cute were they? She is the queen of country. Rockin' the purple dress and looking as beautiful as ever. 'Van Lear Rose' just got added to my list. It makes me excited to see someone from Detroit have such a positive effect on all genres of music. Jack White and his pencil thin moustache and his honky tonky pants suit. God Bless you Jack and let's hear it for the GRAMMYS.

...*cricket, cricket*... Oh come on, 8 million performances! Seriously, they've been interesting so far. Kanye knock me on my ass - I love his album! Could hip hop take the cake for the second year in a row - Album of the Year? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm lovin' it

1. Housesitting. Hot tub. Cute dog. Bottle of wine. Fucking great!

2. 89X is reaching back into their way back machine and pulling the all request lever with their 5 o'clock hour. It's so great. New Hot Hot Heat, old Local H, Sonic Youth, Hum...songs you thought would never see the light of day again are shining brighter than ever! Now, if only I could beat this unrelenting urge to wear flannel.

3. Napoleon Dynamite gets funnier every time a line is repeated. This weekend, I went with Jax to WOOD TV8 and we spent the entire morning firing off quote after quote with her co-workers. "I caught you a delicious bass" cracks me up simply at the thought. Freakin' gosh is the new fuckin'-A.

4. Congratulations to SHAWN POLITO! He took 2nd place in the College competition at the Muskegeon Film Festival and a scholarship to a new film acedemy opening up in Grand Rapids. For all you Risk fans, you'll take this short film to heart.

5. I think Liza Minelli is crazy. Real, hardcore crazy. It's deep in the eyes. Very funny, very talented but there are definitely some screws loose.

6. Bush's new budget plan...I'm too tired to rant. It makes me sad. Just keep yourself informed.

Um...I'm all out of numbers. I'm totally jealous of Matt's new Victorian telephone table. Resale can't be beat.

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