Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Am I somebody now?

Did anyone else notice that my blog is linked from whatevs? It's in the Detroit section. That's pretty cool. Don't underestimate the power of click-throughs!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Grind that grindstone

Welcome back to the work of the working! I had such a good weekend, and it's strange to think that I have absolutely nothing to do for the next three weekends. What shall I occupy my time with? Stimulating conversation? Alcoholic beverages? DVD Director's Commentary? I have no idea...I'll think of something, because if I don't have anything to fill my time, my head will most likely explode. Not cool. It hasn't happened yet so I'm sure if that is actually possible. Improbable, but not impossible.

My cousin Dan is my new musical protege. He's the best! He's into all of the new punk - Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday. He also likes Keane, Snow Patrol and the Killers, and I have Fuse to thank! I'll be a CD burning fool this week. RIAA, you can't catch ME!

I'll write more later...time to learn about defibrilators.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pound after pound

My family is crazy when it comes to Thanksgiving. It's about 15% meal, 5% alcohol and 80% sweets! According to my Mom, she made "over 100 cookies." Doubtful, but I'm sure she made quite a few. My grandpa made a pecan pie, a peach pie and a pumpkin pie AND pound cake. My cousin Jennifer make a desert and someone will end up bringing brownies. It's really sickening - my teeth ache just thinking about it! I'm really excited to see my cousins and play pool. No doubt we'll gather around the TV for the Seinfeld special tomorrow night. I've got more bookmarks to make and my scarf to finish. I love lots of free time! Jax is coming into town on Saturday; it'll be the only time I get to see her before Christmas. Today I did some more shopping, laundry, more crocheting...again, time off is always filled with something!

Everyone has a wonderful holiday! Eat up and remember, leftovers mean no cooking!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Detroit's goin' breserk!

While attending game night, we all were accidentally witness to the chaos at the Palace. It was wild, a complete chain reaction. We had it on mute in the background and noticed the players had begun to fight. It was getting pretty intense so we turned up the volume. Then it went out of control. So many sucker punches! The Pacers were out of line and the fans were out of line. The sports commentators were furious at the Pistons fans. They rained beer, chairs, soda and water over anything Pacers, as they shuffled back to their locker room. This is truly an embarrasment for the city of Detroit. What a way to start off the new season. Just wait until we have to play in Indiana.

Players have already been suspended. Keep your eye on the news for more on "one of the ugliest brawls in US sports history."

Friday, November 19, 2004


Kick up those heals, kids! The weekend is almost here, and I'm ready for some Balderdash and some Pixies. Mmmmm MMM! I'm not alone here, so I'll just say it. There is always a part of me that feels really special after you take a chance and see a band you've read about, having listened to a track or two, and realize you've witnessed something truly unique. Matt, Ron and I went to see Arcade Fire last night, expecting to be 3 out of 12 people that showed up - it was packed! There was actually dancing going on at the Magic Stick! The power of the blog and the buzz was apparent. This six piece group was very upbeat, enjoyed their 'la la la's and their 'woh hoo's and I think I will be making a purchase very soon. Here is their complete list of instruments played: guitar, drums, bass, accordian, violin, keyboard, upright bass, steel drum, pole (yes, a metal pole) and a folding chair. This elaborate mix of sounds overtook Murder By Death for most creative combination of intruments. They even had to ask the crowd for a place to sleep - how rock and roll is that?

I'm so glad that MTV is all up on the new music, since they just reported on Elefant's debut album two days ago!!! Wow, they really know how to tell us what we already know. Kudos.

Adding fuel of my R Kelly fire, I heard Ignition this morning and one verse caught my ear - "it's like murder she wrote, when I'm gonna get you out them clothes." Why are you referencing Angela Lansbury in a song about getting freaky? Do you really think this lovely lady is about to kill you? Just because it rhymes, don't mean you have to sing it. And I still hate you because you married a 15 year old girl! EEEEEWWWWWWW!

Current music - Generation X "Ready Steady Go" (the original version, covered in Empire Records...let pogoing begin...)

Okay, all for now...ta ta!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Get out of my head!

I was so disappointed today. I started listening to a song that sounded like new Ours. New Ours? The day has finally arrived! I danced, I drank in the sound of Jimmy Gnecco's voice, then realized it was Muse song from three or four years ago. Damnit! Has anyone heard William Shatner's new album? Ben Folds and the Shat need to go on tour immediately. He covers Pulp's "Common People" (it's borderline creepy old man, but it works because it's William Fucking Shatner) and goes off on a spoken word rant with Henry Rollins on "I Just Can't Get Behind That." Captian Kirk really blows a fuse on that track, even more so than at the end of love song he recorded on Fear Of Pop. "You're right, I can't committ...TO YOU." Does anyone have the Fear Of Pop album?

Is it just me or is there an obsene number of bands that start with the word "The"? What ever happened to names like Rush or Steppenwolf or Everclear? They didn't need a "The"!

Current music: WOXY - duh.

Okay, that is all. I have to get back to WORK now because I'm at WORK where I'm WORKING (he he, just a little jab!).

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Random Noise Bursts Vol. 370

Why is it when there is pizza to be eaten, I have to eat my weight's worth? It felt so good at the time, now, ugh. Anywho, I am feeling a little down that dodgeball will be coming to an end. It's been so much fun, we've had some interesting rivalries and recovered every week to do it all over again. For anyone who is interested, the next league starts January 6th @ Salter (still on Sundays...bullpoop). I've had my full of the dodge for now.

Here's what's on my mind:
1. Death Cab For Cutie signed to Atlantic records. Bye bye, Barsuk. Another tiny label loses their biggest draw to the bigger boys. Oh good, now we are all guarenteed at least two songs on every episode of the OC. If they keep making records, I'll keep buying them!

2. The Vibe Stabbing - it all got started when some young gentleman walked up to Dr. Dre's table and started punching him in the face right before he went up to accept his lifetime acheivement award. Chairs began to fly, someone got stabbed all while Snoop dee oh double gee and Quincy Jones were left up on stage wih no teleprompter to guide them. I hope it was televised!

3. Did you know you can't say the word 'crap' on TV because it's considered indecent, in that it describes defication? And, you can't say 'poop' either! That's not right! Poop is such a multifaceted word usable as a noun, verb and an exclaimation. Is the FCC the new Boogyman? Discuss.

4. I'm started to warm up to 'Deadwood.' I love Swearengin - he has the dirtest mouth in the history of television. I love Calamity Jane for the same reasons - I may start to causally throw in "fuck" every sixth word.

5. For all you LOTR geeks, you'll know who Brad Dourif is. For the rest of you, he played Grima Wormtongue, the slimy goulish evil servent of Sauraman with a British accent. Now, he plays the doctor on 'Deadwood.' He has to be one of the most versitle actors I've ever seen. From goul to doc with Western accent - where is his golden statuette?

6. This is gonna sound wild - I think I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. The ideas just started coming, and thanks to the internet, my shopping can be done in the comfort of my own apartment. This years' booksmarks are the best yet. Thanks to everyone for the Christmas song resources! These CDs are gonna be awesome!

Albums of the Day: Damnwells 'Bastards of the Beat', New Pornographers 'Electric Version', Placebo 'Sleeping with Ghosts.' Fantastic.

Okay, gotta start a scarf for my cousin...more Christmas preparation...I really am crazy, aren't I?

Friday, November 12, 2004

Song O The Day

Remember Matthew Sweet? Yeah, I do too. I'm listening to "Sick Of Myself" right now. Thank your diety of choice that I'm the only one in the office, 'cause I'm dancing like a fool right now.

Muchas gracias, WOXY!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Deck the rawk with bows of holly

I'm making kick-ass Christmas CDs for my cousins this year, and I'm searching for a few jems, mainly from the days of WMHW. Does anybody know where I can get Fountains of Wayne "I Want An Alien For Christmas" or No Doubt "Oy to the World" or the Maybe This Is Christmas album (with the Paul Frank monkey on the cover)?

I'd be much abliged...and I'd throw in a cup of special egg nog...mmmmm, nog...



We can't pass this up...who's with me??? Tickets go on sale FRIDAY, as in tomorrow!

WOXY??? It's back???

AHHHHHHH!!! The rest of my year is complete. Thanks to Ms. Amber Miller, I am now listening to WOXY, yes, THE greatest radio station ever. I know it made the switch to an online-only format, but I couldn't get it for the longest time! Oh glorious radio.

*endless smiles*

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday I'm In Love

Generally when asked 'what's your favorite day of the week,' it's usually a weekend standby, either Friday or Saturday. But me, I'm all about the Sunday, especially this fall. Think about it: when you have errands to run, typically you want to get that out of the way as soon as possible - there goes Saturday afternoon. In the evening, there is usually a goings-on of some social note - there goes Friday and Saturday nights. Now on Sundays, I try my best to schedule ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. My past Sundays have been the best - dodgeball in the morning, perhaps a long drawn-out lunch with friends, or perhaps an occasion where you and two of your closest friends (or boyfriend) polish off two bottles of wine between the three of you. Fit in some reading, maybe an episode of "Desperate Housewives" and call me one happy lady. Sunday reflects everything that is great about doing nothing - a entire day to enjoy without showering, perhaps a free and delicous meal at your parent's house, relishing every minute of pure relaxation. Sundays - don't spend your weekend without one.

Oh, and for all you DODGEBALL FANS - LISTEN UP! Sunday, November 21st is the final round of competition. Please come and cheer us on starting at 11AM at the Salter Community Center in Royal Oak (1545 E. Lincoln). If we totally blow it after the first round, please stay with us and enjoy the finals. We would love the support!

Okay...gotta get ready for spaghetti dinner at Chez Wright tonight...ah, Sundays...

Saturday, November 06, 2004

What's the time?


Okay, now that it's out of the way: Beastie Boys. Oh snap. I had the best time. I'm at the point in life where not having a general admission ticket is just fine with me (though I hope Emily survived!). We had the best seats. They had a great video display (they showed the first minute of the White House West Will Ferral/Bush sketch) with amazing effects. They played all my favorites from '5 Bouroughs,' 'Check Your Head,' and 'Ill Communication (but no "Get it together"!).' I was a totally mack mommy - I ain't bullshittin' on front street no more. During the first song of the encore, they came and played two rows away from us. I let the beat drop right in front of MCA! I should probably add this one to my list.

I'm itching for a game night. Now that fall has slowed to a crawl, I've got lots o' free time to spare! Who's with me?

I have to go buy some pants now...and a shower curtain...and sponges...oh adulthood. Ain't it grand?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

vote vote vote vote vote

Politically aware workplace = day off (well, my bosses are out poll watching and shuttling elderly voters, so no work today!)

I got up early with Ron and we voted together. Yep, totally sappy but it was fun! As we drove to the polls, we passed many Kerry/Edwards and 'No on Proposal 2' signs on front lawns. It was very refreshing. I'm happy to hear that people feel truly excited to cast their vote. It's something all American citizens should look forward to. One complaint: no "I Voted" sticker. I want my sticker!

Voting, grocery shopping, CD making...a day off is never just that! Vote or die, bee-hatches!

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