Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shushing and public service

My mind is melting...phone calls, mailings and emails all morning; running after children, telling them to be quiet all afternoon. Mailing out 400 PSAs in the next week...bbbblllllluuuggghhh (the actual melting sound). Tomorrow, I get to let loose at the Garbage show with my gra Jax and my hot Smerigan. Can't. Wait. I hope "The Office" doesn't get cancelled. Steve Carrell, how do you do it? The equation is quite simple - take any uncomfortable pause and multiply it by three and you have my favorite kind of squirmy comedy. I used to work in a office, and there are so many great mundane details that this show pushes to the edge. The guy who thinks he's the assistant manager, but is really the assistant to the manager. The heavyset woman who never smiles. The person who never EVER has anything positive to say about anybody. That one cool person with whom you seek solace over a Coke in the breakroom or while stuffing application packets.

Time to check out over 165 new releases this summer - Batman Begins...with a 25 foot wingspan! Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne vs. Jack Kelly, Newsies-style. War of the hottness!

Two great songs out now: Blue Orchid-White Stripes and the new single from Foo Fighters. I need to go CD shopping immediately.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

An open letter to Idlewild

Dear gentlemen of Idlewild,
Why must you forsake those in the good ol' US of A and make us wait until August to receive your already fantastically reviewed "Warnings/Promises?" Have we mistreated you? You're ex-guitar player is from Detroit - does that hold any sway? I'm not sure how much longer I can keep living of the b-sides from "The Remote Part." The well is running dry. August? We have to read reviews and watch videos and hear about all of your perfect live shows at every festival under the sun for four more months? Not acceptable. Please, please, try and aim a little bit higher. I just finished watching the video for 'I Understand' and quite frankly, I don't. Thanks, guys.


Okay, now I have to get sassy for the Snoop Dogg show. Yep, snoop-a-loop. Gin and juice. If Bishop Don Magic Juan is in the house, I'll freak out. If anyone has not yet seen "American Pimp," you can borrow my VHS. You, too, can have goals!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Work out, stay hip

I've just finished my most purposeful workout yet, and it's all due to my workout mix. The workout mix is an artform and each song must move the workout forward and must give you encouragement with every note or that treadmill or that elliptical will grow teeth and eat you alive. Here's what got me through tonight:

1. Adult. "New Object"
2. Gorillaz "Feel Good"
3. Daft Punk "Robot Rock"
4. Beck "Hell Yes"
5. AC/DC "If You Want Blood"
6. Bloc Party "Little Thoughts"
7. The Bravery "Swollen Summer"
8. Cake "Stickshifts and Safetybelts"
9. The Brazilian Girls "Don't Stop"
10. Death Cab For Cutie "Sound of Settling"
11. Electric Six "Nuclear War (on the dancefloor)"
12. Kanye West "Breathe In Breathe Out"
13. Murphy Lee "Wat Da Hook Gon Be"
14. Mystical "Shake It Fast"
15. Muse "Stockholm Syndrome"
16. Ash "Cool It Down"
17. The Postal Service "Such Great Heights"
18. Reel Big Fish "Dateless Losers"

Other finalists include, Ash's "Meltdown" and The Bravery's self-titled, both in their entirety. Burn those calories but make your ears happy. Any other mixes get you movin' and shakin'?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sam Endicott, this is your life!

I almost fell off the couch...meet Skabba before he got his courage.

Oh Brave Skabba

We all have a sorrid past, but not all of us can pull off white-boy dreadlocks.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Dorkiest Wave Ever

Oh, snap. How much fun was that? What an abundance of stimuli, you just couldn't not have a good time. First, I see friends, then I start to sweat, THEN I start dancing...and I dance some more...and I try and have a conversation while dancing...then we all see a robot, then everyone is wearing sequins. AH! At 2:30 when Marathon Ron and I called it a noche, the floor was still in tact and the kids were still losing their minds. For reals, Dorkwave was hotttt. Check out the all the happenings below, and even more good times here (courtesy of Ms. Gilbert). Look for more outtakes and shennagins here and here and here (look under 'pix' at sidebar) to come very soon.


Matt stole my cupcake.
Yummy rock and roll cupcake

Indie kids united!

We're sweaty! Play "How Soon Is Now"!
Dance dance revolution

Miles of smiles!
Jackie and Jeff having a moment

Dorkwave in full effect
Hipsters Unite

Hottness in the flesh
Two for one special

Drink and be merry!
Tip it back

"I have a secret..."
Tell me a secret

Hot Rockbot
Hot Bot

What do you guys REALLY think of me?
Punk Rock Robot

One of these things is not like the other...check out our new friend!
Our new buddy

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You know what I think of when I picture young, attractive happy couples? Herpes. Valtrex commercials crack me up every time. Oh, so you're leading a life full of fishing trips and romantic vacations? YOU HAVE VIRAL WARTS ON YOUR GENITALS! There is no room for fun in your life. You. Have. Herpes. Just look at their smiling faces. They. All. Have. WARTS.

I especially love this therapeutic and informative section "Living with Genital Herpes". Read about how to break it gently to your partner. Um, it might go something like this. "What??? You have herpes??? How the fuck did you get herpes??? Nobody gets herpes! I learned how to not get herpes when I was in seventh grade health class - it's not that difficult! I no longer wish to date you. Good-bye." God love any man/woman who spends their time/bed/orifice with some who has genital herpes. True love.

Friday at 5:01, I will bump my Focus down Northwestern Highway and bring the full force of my weekend saber toward all who dare face me. I plan to dance my face off at Dorkwave. You think I'm joshin'? When you see me at 1AM without a nose, then we'll see who's right...and who doesn't have a nose. Maybe that isn't the right analogy. Anyway, I will take many deep breathes over the next two days and get through this current whirlwind that is my work life.

Question Of The Day: What song(s) or album takes you back to when you first discovered rock and roll? For me, it be Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" and "Seven Seas of Rhye"...a dash of naughty, a pinch of sweeping rock musical. My parents used to sing "Here Comes The Sun" to me when I was a toddler. Damn, they were hip.

Do I tackle book 3 of Y: The Last Man? Aw, hell. 24 usable hours in every day, right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Musical thoughts

Hmmmm...I wonder why Ash didn't end up playing songs from "Nu-Clear Sounds?" Sure, it didn't sell very well but why let that hold them back? Granted, I haven't listened to this album in about two years, but I gots ta tell ya, it may include some of their best songs. Numbskull, Aphrodite, Life Less Ordinary - poppity goodness with a dreamy/gnarly/just-plain-awesome rock edge to it. Got my playlist for tomorrow's drive to work! You can't get the best of me, 696!

While we're on the topic of good tunes, how are people feeling the new Sight's album? Anyone wanna give me a taste, mix CD-style?

Double shot of must-see TV - Scrubs and The Office! Laters!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bravery vs. Ash - you be the judge

Just so I get this over with, I'm a huge dork when it comes to 'celebs;' basically, if your face has appeared in a glossy magazine, I will get all mushy and ga-ga and melt when I see you. So my brain exploded a little when Jack White and Brendan Benson were in the same room for but a moment. I got all giggly around Mr. Stripes during the Blache/Von Bondies Deathmatch evening at the Magic Stick some years ago. So, guess how I felt when this happened?

Tim and I having a moment

After much coaxing from Emily, Jackie and Ron, I ran up to him just before he began to bowl (yeah, HE BOWLED AT THE GARDEN BOWL! HOW COOL IS THAT?) and told him that the show was 'outstanding.' He was all smiley too and all 'cheers' and 'alright' and he threw his arm around me and I almost backed off! That's how cool they are. They just love the fans and they love the attention. As they should, they deserve it. Set list for last night's show was as follows:

life less ordinary
girl from mars
shining light
renegade clavalcade
kung fu
out of the blue
walking barefoot
burn baby burn

Big props go out to SuperFan in the front row with the non-stop devil horn throwing. Tip of the cap to that kid. I can honestly say that Ash is one of my favorite bands. I bathed myself in 'Meltdown' this morning. And boy, did I need to. I had a serious case of the Mondays, not unlike Micheal Bolton in 'Office Space.' Damn, it feels good to be a gansta.

The night was made that much sweeter by the following good peeps: Your Majesty Grambo, Sir Ron of the City, The Lady Emily, Dutchess Jackie of Gargantua, Duke Jeffery of Gargantua, and The Earl of Caruana.

And for the official photo flip book, check it here, yo

Post-script- I liked the Bravery. The crowd certainly spoke when half the place cleared out after Ash (who was mistakenly placed at the opener...no encore buzz), but I danced and I sang and I enjoyed them. Do I like Ash more? Hells yes. Did I think the Bravery's outfits were a bit ridiculous? Yes again. But all in all, for a double bill, I went home extremely happy and enjoyed the video for "Spit it out" on Subterranean. Brendan Benson - also totally crushable. But thin.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hot Tamale Ron

There is something about staying out until the bar lights come up with good friends that makes you feel alive...and hungry. I don't know what we would do without National Coney Island. Greasy spoons nation-wide, stand up and take notice! So many people came out to the birthday bash and Matt looked very swank in his red tie and matching belt. Keep on accessorizing, the ladies love a man who loves details! So, beside having many tasty beers that I don't drink very often (Bavaria, Blue Moon and Oberon), Ron was the man of the night. Our waitress was super nice and sweet...but also a vixen. As I was chatting away, completely unaware of the flirtatious discourse behind my back, our waitress bought Ron a shot, which he gladly accepted (as would I). There were "don't tell your wife" and "is that your wedding ring" thrown out, and at that magic moment, she inquired "so, which one of these lovely ladies is your girlfriend?" THAT'S ME! Ron, doing the right thing, tapped me on the back and all three of us had a very nice chat. Seriously, she was really nice! Autumn tried to set her straight earlier in the evening, and at one point almost challenged her to a fight, but the alcohol had sunk in deep and prohibited any non-love-type actions.

Ron was amazingly uncomfortable throughout the whole thing, but I was so thrilled! Ron is a hot dish, and no matter how many times I tell him that, he just won't listen. Finally, my point was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. He's still got thunder pumping through his veins.

Tomorrow, ASH! And THE BRAVERY! It'll be a dance, dance revolution and I get to be the winged-Asian devil girl!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ben Folds

Listening to the new Ben Folds song "Landed." My love for this man and his songwriting exceeds that of my love of macarooni and cheese and new shoes. Seriously, it's catchy beyond catchy. Totally! Does anyone know if The Bens are coming out with new material?

Now it's Beck "Hell Yes." Fridays rock my world...and drag on so slowly...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Super Fucking Update

Check out the side bar extraordinare and surf on over to The Super Fucking Awesome - there have been updates. I'm tired now. Been making hella mixes for my girls from the U Cup. I love giving people the gift of new music. It's what you crave.

Oh, I bought a t-shirt from The Bird. It's green and there's an eagle on it. Ron has one, too. No CMU bumper sticker or baby tee for me; I want something close to my heart to remember - give me a steamboat and I'm smilin'.

Later, homies!

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