Friday, September 07, 2007

The Return of Dead Arm

I road my bike to the Emory with Ron for dinner. I just love saying that...road my bike. Had a delicious black bean burger and drank some beer...then biked home. Take that, gas guzzlers!

I've been meaning to post this video clip for a while. I love Queens of the Stone Age, even more so with the release of their new album. I think that Josh Homme is one of the most entertaining personalities in rock music. Where does he come up with them? When I see them at the State Theater next month, I hope I don't shit in someone else's pants...just watch and you'll understand why...

Where have I been?

Wow, am I out of the loop! I heard 3 great songs today from !Forward Russia!, Band of Horses, and Grizzly Bear. I've read so much about them, but have never really listened to them until now. Oh, I have lots of music to buy - new stuff from They Might Be Giants, Roddy Womble (Idlewild lead singer), New Pornographers, Rilo Kiley, Stars, MIA...ahhhhhh!

Somebody tell me what else I'm missing out on.

Off to Columbus this weekend. The Crew vs. the Chicago Fire - douse those muthatruckas!!!

Okay...more photos to scan...laters!!!

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