Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Do I hear belated buzz?

I'm listening to the Shins right now, "New Slang" to be specific. I really like this song. Does anyone own anything by the Shins? How is it? They've always been in the back of my mind - I get them and the Wrens confused. Damn rhyme scheme!

Liz Wright, out.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Crazy people are everywhere

This is fucked up. People like this make me ill. It's so crazy, I had to share it.

Please welcome our new addition

Due to the enormous generosity of my bosses, I am wired. I am looking at music in a completely new way. Yep, I have an iPod. 20GB of hard drivity goodness to store up to 5,000 songs. I've spent the last two days pricing out accesories so my entire music library can travel with me in the car and to the gym, going through all the tutorials and loading songs onto this beautiful machine. I am finally becoming comfortable with the idea of owning one. I still want to maintain my purchasing practices with CDs. I like having the artwork and the liner notes. Yes, I do read the liner notes. So yeah, I will never be without good tunes. Heaven.

On another note, a big thank you goes out to Russ. I went to the Y on 11 Mile and I am going to be joining after Christmas. Only 29 dollars a month, no contract, take up to three months off. They have brand new workout equipment, an indoor track, aerobics classes. I used my guest pass yesterday morning and I had a such a boost of energy. I can't wait to be fit.

Another day of baking with the Smerigans...laters! 4 Days until the WAB gets taken over!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Best music morning

Three songs heard in a row on WOXY:
"Tangerine Speedo" by Cavier
"Ray Ray Rain" by Bettie Seervert
"Good Life" by Weezer

Reliving those magical 91.5 days...lately, I've been harboring a desire to have my own radio show again. Wouldn't that be fun? I like fun.

Don't forget - TONIGHT - final episode of "The Apprentice." I'm so excited. Anyone want to come over to watch it? It will be a "You're Hired" party!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Great Fat-Burning Debate

To gym, or not to gym? This is my inner struggle. I am very much motivated by all of you who have joined a gym, and your quest for fitness. I too want to work out. I don't want to be angry at my body come next March when I realize there is too much of me on me. Here is where I am torn - I understand that there is a monthly fee to join, that's to be expected. I REFUSE to pay more than 35 dollars a month to go to a gym. I simply can't afford more than that. But, a membership fee??? A one time fee paid in order to proclaim, 'yes, I do have permission to use this machine and attend this cardio class' that can be upwards of 150, 200 dollars? That's riduculous! Are you sure that's not a security deposit? Can I get that money back? I don't have that kind of money at all.

Ideally, all I want is a place where I can do aerobics! But, not Curves - I can't stand that kind of mini-aerobics. I want step classes and body scuplting and high impact cardio! But that's all. I can lift weights and do situps at home, I don't need a fancy padded mat and shiny dumbbells. If I must join an acutal gym, does anyone recommend a facility? I know there is a Gold's Gym on Stephenson and 12 Mile. Anywhere else? Thanks, ya'll!

Monday, December 13, 2004

It will never end.

Sure, you can be prepared for the holidays if you plan ahead of time. It's the expected slow season at work, so my hours have been shortened for the rest of December. I'm all 'oh, that will give me plenty of time to tie up all those loose ends.' I haven't stopped moving today. Wrapping presents, crocheting, laundry, making dinner. Oh my God. Wait a minute. I'm domestic. I'M DOMESTIC. No, no, must stave off adulthood as long as I can. Must not wear apron or wear hair in bun...

On another note, I enjoyed hanging out with good peeps I haven't seen in about a month...and I did a shot at the bar. Actually, two shots. I never do shots. They were very tasty (a kamakazi and a redheaded slut) and didn't make me sick. Last night was Sugary Treat Night at the Smerigan household. Ron and I helped his sisters and mom make pizzles and peanut butter balls. Pizzles are Italian cookies pressed flat and made with anise. They are deadly but so tasty. I must exercise much caution this year.

Okay, off to watch "Earthsea." Yeah, it's the SciFi channel. Yeah, I'm a nerd. Newsflash, people.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Is it really almost Christmas?

Oh my good Lord, it's almost here! Can you believe in two weeks all of this excess and cheer and tinsle will be gone or at least shoved away in a box in my basement? I love the apartment, thanks to Super Craft Man, we have the best snowflakes in town. We have new ornaments and real lights and paper chains. Yes, real paper chains, like the ones we all used to make in grade school. It's like a second grade art class threw up and stuck to our ceiling. Great! I want to share it with everyone, but everyone is busy with parties. Parties, parties, parties...well, we'll make the Maplehurst Christmas Explosion the official afterparty on the 23rd - bring a hot slut and get in FREE!

There are a few things that need to happen in order to make this the Bestest Christmas Ever: Ice skating at the Campus Maritus park, Carriage ride at Greenfield Village, a giant gingerbread cookie, and FRIENDS. Not that I need my friends to do anything specific for me; eventually, I start to ache for that big group get-together. I guess I can wait until the 23rd...but maybe un upcoming Sunday? I don't even need to spell it out - we all keep those three letters close to our hearts. It's during this time of year that I really start to think about all of my friends. Those of you who tune in and read my ramblings, those who are scattered throughout Michigan and the Midwest - I love ya'll. I absolutely have the best friends in the world. I am only cool by association - my coolness has been handpicked from those around me. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you're missing some cool, check my purse. I probably took some when you weren't looking. :)

I'm listening to 'Drawn Together' as I type - I love it when cartoons swear. It cracks me up every single time. I can't wait until the final 'Apprentice' next week. When Kelley was sweating buckets over the weather, I couldn't help but feel for him. Nothing is more nerve wracking than planning an outdoor shoot down to the last detail, only to have it washed away by that bitch, Mother Nature.

This weekend: Christmas cards, kareoke with Toast...any one else have any ideas? You know where to find me. Yep, just chillin' with my crochet needle, bee-hatch!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

iTunes is my friend

Daily Download:
Nickel Creek "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Futureheads "Decent Days and Nights"
Mosquitos "Shooting Stars"

Here's the deal with Mosquitos - everytime I hear this song on WOXY, I go into daydream mode. It's so poppy and cute; reminds me of a moment from Empire Records. And now it's mine to pogo to and smile about all day long. And about Nickel Creek, remember, I don't have any gulity pleasures.

After learning of Jackie's interest in knitting, I've come to truly embrase my grandmotherly abilities. I like to make reindeer out of candy canes, bookmarks out of beads, and scarves out of the yarn of your choice. Jackie had a good point - it gives me something to do while I'm watching TV, or listening to music. It makes me feel productive, even if my ass doesn't leave the couch for an hour and a half. I just learned how to knit (thanks, JAX!!!) and while I'm still terrible, I hope to have a scarf finished by 2006. You gotta set goals. Christmas bring her out even more - so many crafty options. All of this really stems from my two years working at Frank's Nursery and Crafts. Me and the assistant managers would swap tips and tricks, not to mention the employee discount. And so a grandma was born.

Cyn-dog is coming over today and we're 'bout to raise up and get our craft on. Laters!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dogs are crazy

Everytime I housesit for Fran and Bill, I always look forward to seeing Riley, the coolest pup on the planet. Every single time I come to the house, the dog attacks me. With love. With heavy, slobbery love. It's like he hasn't see me in years and years and has also not eaten during those many years. He freaks out. I'm watching an old episode of SNL - Mike Myers is great at Judge Ito and I forgot that Laura Kitlinger was in the cast. Jack Black is one lucky man.

It makes me laugh to hear that President Bush is working on mending fences with Canada. Finally, a major conflict with Canada! It's always been implied, but now we can't deny it. Canadians really do have distain for Americans. We really are fueding neighbors; it's like we "borrowed" their blender and conveniently haven't returned it. Bush knew how to break the ice, though. Mention hockey, and Canadians will lick your boots. It worked. They sure aren't home to the Hockey Hall Of Fame for nothing!

Well, time for food. And more crafting. I'm a total grandma.

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