Monday, July 31, 2006

This could be the death of me...

I love The Sounds. Everyone needs to leave their home or place of business right now, buy a copy of their new album, roll down your car windows and blast this as loud as you can. I am totally obsessed with this band. I was fortunate to catch their set this weekend and I want to make rock and roll babies with Maja Ivarsson. I know that this is not physically possible, but this is my dream.

Warped Tour review coming soon...Daniel got to meet The Academy Is..., and he scored the set list from the Motion City Soundtrack set. He really did have the best first concert experience ever.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are you ready to get wet and Warped?

The Maplehurst is officially ready for my 16-year old cousin to call his home for the weekend. Clean bathroom, clean car, clean's almost like we're respectable! We have all the things a 16 year old boy could want - Coke-a-cola, Bagel Bites and Guitar Hero. These will only be mere distractions because Ron and Daniel and I will be at the Warped Tour all day on Saturday. Personally, I'm looking forward to NOFX, Motion City Soundtrack, The Sounds, Less than Jake, Joan Jett (yep, that's right), and above all, Thursday. I'm so glad Thursday is on this leg of the tour. I will NOT feel old. I refuse.

Random spotting of the day: I was at a stoplight this morning and I saw a Windstar next to my car. With spinning rims. And a soccer mom behind the wheel. Bueller?

West Bloomfield cops know how catch them some speeders. Shoot. They have the police vehicles now that look like 'regular cars,' like '95 Cameros and Ford Tauruses with rusty tailpipes. No dead give-aways with the huge siren lights and the 8,000 side and rearview mirrors. I am strictly a 45 MPH gal on Orchard Lake now. Sneaky...

Russ-o-matic is new and improved! Well, he's been on hiatus, but not anymore. Jeezy creezy, how I missed the sarcasm. He's back with a vengence. No one is safe!

Links Links Links. Some cool things I've stumbled upon over the last few weeks. They're pretty girly, so all you Retrosexuals, maybe you should go eat a hamburger and yell at something small:

Anne Taintor is a woman whose part-time collage art turned into a full time job. I like to think of her as Niagra Light. She takes traditional posters of women in the 50's and 60's and fuses them with her own modern narratives. Everything from framed prints to bags to ID cases and lots more. Check it out...

Blue Q
- I found a lot of these products at a store in Traverse City called Venus. Fun, kitchy gifts by way of bath products, breath sprays, clothing etc. One for every personality! It's good for a laugh (Mullet air fresheners? God Bless America.) Unfortunately, Venus' website is under construction. I'd really try and check back with them. Their cosmetics and beauty cremes (or as Peanut would say 'kkkkreeeeeeeemes') are on the pricey side, but they have a line of all-natural, all-in-one moisturizers that are made out of white sugar and combined with lavender or coffee beans or almond oil. Delicious AND good for your skin!

Okay, time for a cup of tea and some Chuck Klosterman. G'night!

Monday, July 24, 2006

It's just borrowing...

Cool stuff, courtesy of other people:

Listen to new DJ Shadow tracks here. Thanks, Stereogum! I remember when "Midnight in a Perfect World" was the 1019 Franklin Street jam. Back when Ron was uber techno...those were the days.

Watch the new Stars video here (from chromewaves). I love this blog - lots of news on all my favorite Candian bands.

Okay, off to run in 82 degree heat.

ONE MORE THING: From Information Leafblower, live Catherine Wheel on BBC. "Black Metallic" makes me think naughty thoughts. Enjoy. And I survived the 82-degree run, which actually felt more like 110 degrees. Mmmmmmmfitness rules!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Does anyone like the Rob Dickinson's "Fresh Wine for the Horses"? I adore "My Name Is Love."

Why haven't we gone back to Dragonmead???

Who will be in town on Lollapalooza weekend? I want to see Editors.

Does anyone like TV on the Radio?

Does anyone else think that Colin Farrell is one of the most charming men on the planet? And he's hilarious! Not embarrassing, but just plain funny.

Who thinks I should give H&M another try this weekend?

Is anyone else reading Neil Gaiman's "The Enternals"? Thoughts, comments, concerns...

How are we going to occupy all of Amber's time when she's in town??? *wink*

Can anyone give Jesse the Devil and Josh Homme a call and tell them that Eagles of Death Metal must tour this fall?

I'm listening to a new Futureheads song, and it's REALLY hard. Like super feedback-y, loud and abrasive punk rock. Nice.

The Hold Steady will release their new album "Boys And Girls In America" on October 3rd. The one show that got away in 2006...

Okay, no more lunch to consume. Happy Friday, bitches!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And the joke is, when he woke his body was covered in Coke fizz

New Sloan album to drop this September...listen to their new song here!!!!

Oh boys, how do you do that voodoo that you do so well?

This is dedicated to you, because this is for people who know what rock and roll is about! Here's Sloan performing on Spanish television...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Living vicariously through others...


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cat Power - "Lived in Bars"

Chan Marshall is actually smiling. I love the feeling that I get after watching this video. Genuine people enjoying their lives. I hope you're having a good day, too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wasps hate me...

...and my body tells me so. Last Saturday morning, I went out with Ron on our weekly weekend run, when I felt like something bite my right calf. I didn't see what it was, but over the last three days, I've developed a systemic allergic reaction on my calf muscle. It's the strangest thing...and the worst itch ever. I can't stand up straight, because the muscle and skin are rock hard - and not in a 'hit the gym' kind of way. If the Benadryl doesn't work, off to the doctor I go. Ice packs are a beautiful thing.

I got sucked into Rockstar: Supernova. I blame the Benadryl. Tonight, Dave Navarro is in a really bad mood. Really, Josh Logan? You chose to cover Creed? The only reason to cover Creed is if you lost a bet or happen to get sucked into karaoke after about a million beers. The scary, pierced Delana scares me. Actually, her chin talon scares me. Now, she has a cape. One of the other women wore a cape last week, though. If Peter Murphy can be a vampire,

then anything goes in this business of show.

By the way, here is what happened when you put Stephen Colbert as Stephen Colbert face to face with the real Amy Sedaris. I can't wait for "Strangers With Candy"!!! Make sure you stretch first:

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