Friday, February 27, 2004

TGIHMOF (Thank God I Have Music On Friday)

So, I have another reason to be excited about Coachella - Elefant. I was moving in my chair and my typing fingers were oh so happy. I can't really describe what they sound like except that they're really fun and they make me want to move. And SunKilMoom is great, dreamy acoustic rock: sort of reminds me of a harder Tragically Hip. And I had more goodies passed my way yesterday: Oh My God (yes, that's really the name of the band) and Desert Sessions (ANOTHER reason to be giddy for Coachella). Oh My God-are they rock? are they funk? How the hell do you make a keyboard sound like THAT? Great melody, deep rock vocals and they're from Lansing! Desert Sessions is just a great collage of rock stylings from QOTSA Josh Homme (you guys know this, what am I saying?). Boo-yah!

Getting ready for girlz night: reliving my pre-adolescence and going to see Dirty Dancing: Havannah Nights, then back for a sleepover and the orginial Dirth Dancing. I'm Swayze-crazy! Don't forget about the Oscar party on Sunday...LORD OF THE RINGS WILL REIGN SUPREME!


Thursday, February 26, 2004

Why I love my friends

"So, why did you guys break up?"
"Man, I fucked her so hard, I broke her torso."

"When I leave the house, I at least want to look good enough so if I run into someone I went to hight school with, they won't think I'm homeless."

Posh was a blast; I wouldn't mind making it a Wednesday night staple. Have a fabulous Thursday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Donnie Darko and other noise bursts

School is back in session! Feels so good to get my blog on again. Now, on to things that I have strong opinions about from the last four days:

1. Death Cab For Cutie's "Transatlanticism" - Holy shit! Why did it have to take a three hour long car trip for me to realize what a magnificent album this is??? It's a shame. So great for twilight driving. I love boys that sing about broken hearts and the innocence of love. Dreamy *sigh*...

2. Brendan Benson's "Lapalco" - Big Matt said it best; if this album came out in 1996, it would be an instant success. Sweet guitar pop! I can't wait to see him live now that I actually know the songs. I can't stop listening to tracks 5 and 9. Can't go wrong with the skinny, blonde rockers.

3. Cookie Crisp cereal - we used to eat this shit when we were young? Really? REALLY? It's candy disguised as vitamins and minerals. No way is that a part of this complete breakfast. But I did eat three bowls of it this weekend. That's why it rules being an adult! We eat sugar for breakfast because we can.

4. SSX 3 - I realize that video game culture has now taken adult entertainment by the hand, but nothing beats a good ol' fashion snowboarding game with hot Asian porn stars (yeah, Keori) and cute 12-year old boarder boys (Griff has a crush on every girl!). P-H-A-T tricks and unbelievable courses and characters with names like Psymon! Not to mention the game soundtrack includes Kinky, Fisherspooner, Basement get the picture.

5. Tenacious D - thanks to my pirate friend Cyn (R to you, gra), I am completely hooked up with the Chicago House of Blues show and other rare performances. Nothing makes me smile more than Rage Kage and Jables. Meet me at Los Burritos for some rude chowder, dude! More pirate booty: TMBG "Then" anthology, David Cross, Rufus Wainwright, David Grey, Avenue Q Soundtrack and so much more!!!

6. Donnie Darko - not so much making me happy, but makes me think because of all the evil buzz, I should like this movie. Really friggin' confusing but very tongue-in-cheek funny. I have two major theories: a) that Donnie predicted he would kill Man In Rabbit Costume, causing him so much guilt that he went back in time to essentially commit suicide so that none of this would come to pass; or b) that the Man In Rabbit Costume has some supernatural abilities and knew Donnie was going to shoot him and drove Donnie mad so that he would go back in time and end his life so that Rabbit Man would be safe. Am I way off base here? It did keep me guessing the entire time and was very intriguing, but again, very weird. Jury is still out on this one...

I will be getting my Death Cab For Cutie/Ben Kweller tickets soon (yeah); also looking forward to Von Bondies CD release show, Damien Rice, THE MUTHAFUCKIN' DARKNESS, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Calla, Sarah Harmer, Air...

Okay, I'll be the mooch: does anyone have a copy of the new Air? I just want a taste to see if I want to make the purchase.

Over and out...

Monday, February 23, 2004

Comfy coozy

I am still's been hella busy at work, I've been out of town, Ron and I spent all night tonight buying plane tickets/booking hotel rooms...and it's freakin' 11:30!!! Where does the time go? Straight down the toilet...along with most of my money. *sigh* We can't take it with us when we're dead, can we??? Nay.

More tomorrow...until then, I watch Donnie Darko for the first time. Comments to come...

Rawkin' into the AM...

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Apprehension is a Warm Gun

Feeling nervous...feeling very nervous. Is this California trip doable? Will I pile on more credit card I making the right choice? Well, tickets have been bought, hotel rooms have been reserved. It's only a matter of time now. I figure it this way: I'm already in California, so when am I going to get another chance to go to that side of the country? I just want to say I've been to San Diego; The Thrills love it so much...I'm sold! Another long day of shooting today, but very satisfying. Off to Grand Rapids for a roomate reunion this weekend...SSX Tricky and Tenacious D. I love it!

Yesterday, I received a llama of my very own. I've got to get this llama to school, somebody help, QUICK (if you do not know Sifl and Olly, I just wasted 11 seconds of your life. Deal with it or get all up on some Liam Lynch)!

Everybody to the Limit!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Additions to Coachella

And it just keeps getting better:

Death Cab For Cutie
Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Oh sweet, sweet life!

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Posts will be short this week due to incoming house guests and hella busy hours at work...
*pant pant*. I love it, though...gets the blood pumping, alright! Going to let off some steam at the Poison the Well show tonight. Oh, can't forget the earplugs...must preserve them; they don't take rawk like they used to.

Hope everyone had a great weekend; Hamtramck pub crawls RULE!

Keep on keepin' on.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Questions of the Human Body

The eighth great wonder of the world: my nose. How can one small body part contain so much mucus? It has to stop sometime, doesn't it? Doesn't the human body have its limit? I mean, we don't continuously pee for four hours or bleed for two without fainting. So why is it for three freakin' days that I have the inability to stop sneezing or blowing my nose? I feel great: lots of energy, spirits are up, but it just keeps on coming. I might as well be taking chicklets for my sinus disaster for all the good zinc and over-the-counter meds are doing. Sorry, I just hate having my body freak out on me. I treat it right; don't drink too much alcohol, try and get enough water, haven't pierced anything uneccesary. I have done you no wrong!

On a lighter note...I'm going to have my hair colored this weekend. Time for Funky Liz to return! Two days until Coachella tickets go on sale...oh glorious day! Brain is much logging...And if anyone cares, I might be on the 96.3 morning show. I called up Blain and we talked relationships, gearing up for V-Day shinanagins (he actually saw the Detroit News article...I didn't think people actually read that stuff!).

I hope Troy Athens kills Seaholm in volleyball tonight! GO RED HAWKS!

Later, kool kids :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The iTunes Revolution

Ah, my first iTunes liberating to have endless songs at my fingertips without the hassle of wasting money on an entire CD. Current library is as follows:

"So Alive" Ryan Adams
"Just the Way I'm Feeling" Feeder
"Comfort In Sound" Feeder
"Rock Star" N.E.R.D
"Move Your Feet" Junior Senior
"The Headphonist" Kinky
"Wat Dat Hook Gon Be" Murphy Lee

All I want are my favorite songs...and that's what I get. So great! More mix CDs to come!


And Ron and I couldn't live without our Netfilx subscription, so we're at it again. It's anything and everything we want. Tonight it's "Capturing the Friedmans" and "Thirteen." This weekend, it's "Neverwhere" (BBC mini-series from Neil Gaiman's novel). Sorry Blockbuster, you charge too much and you're selection is poops. No more winter blahs!

Three more days until Coachella tickets...te he he...

Me me ME

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Armageddon is here


So disturbing...

Monday, February 09, 2004

One more thing, post-Grammy: was it just me, or did Pharrell look really angry while he was drumming during the Beatles tribute? He was pissed off!!! That, by the way, is what happens when you butcher a song. No one should cover the Beatles. Is that clear?


1. Prince did not have "JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD" on the screen behind him for people to deal with. Poops.

2. 50 Cent is officially wins Asshole of the Year. Best New Artist? No, being shot nine times doesn't entitle you to a Grammy. Now sit down, Gunnit.

3. Justin has to rehash the Superbowl Breast and apologize or else he wouldn't be able to attend the show. You're sorry, big whoop. But he did play
"Senorita," one of my favorites.

4. The White Stripes proved that even though they didn't take home a fancy trophy, they are the next step in human evolution. Brilliant performance.

5. Why doesn't Richard Marx age? I'm just saying...

6. Someone TOTALLY got fired last night. You're not allowed to have microphones and monitors not work. Celine had to tone it down - no monitors!

7. Beyonce tried so hard to top Christina, but to no avail.

8. Good safety move on CBS's part in keeping Christina's exceptance speech on a head and shoulders shot. Her twins defied gravity.

9. A tribute to funk? YES! George Clinton is still alive? A miracle. Come on people, he is a government experiment.

10. Chris Martin's endorsement of John Kerry. Sorry, Dean, NOW you don't have a chance.

11. I'm going to risk sounding like an insensitive jerk; but just because people are dead, it doesn't mean they should win a Grammy. I thought others were more deserving. Not because they're alive, but because they are BETTER MUSICIANS.

12. And the most ridiculous moment of the night: the RIAA's bullshit speech and the "unvealing" of the RIAA's anti-piracy PSA. So if we download music, the music industry WILL CEASE TO EXIST AND MUSIC AS WE KNOW IT WILL DISAPPEAR? Quit trying to scare us! Don't you have 11 year old kids to sue? A complete waste of time and I wish I had those 3 minutes of my life back.

Overall, happy that Outkast took top prize but I still ache for some White Stripes lovin.' Oh well...people will just have miss out. Their loss, not ours.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

So today Ron and I get to be semi-celebrities, thanks to fluffy local news. The Detriot News is doing a piece on various anti-Valentine's Day sentiments, showcasing different ways people aren't celebrating this unnecessary "holiday." Ron and I will be playing the role of Token Couple Who Does Not Celebrate Valentine's Day For Whatever Reason. I've been assured that the role of Bitter Love-Hater has been given to someone else. *Whew* So on Tuesday the 11th, pick up a copy at your local newstand. I have no idea what section it will be in, but we are getting our pictures taken today so I thinking it's page 3 worthy. We'll see...

So, the Grammys are I watch because I care about the achievements of musicians or to wallow in all that is pop culture? Well, I'll watch tonight just to see the Foo Fighters and The White Stripes perform...and maybe Britney Spears. I really think that she's behind some college grad student's study on social image and media, that her career thus far has been some social experiment. But I could be wrong. And I probably am.

I have tickets to the Darkness. I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. Te he he.

Alright, I'm to enjoy Ron's mom's spaghetti. Noodle bliss. Later!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I know I've had my fill of the situation, but oh how the plot thickens: due to Superbowl half-time shenanigans, Janet Jackson will not be a presenter at the Grammys, JC Chasez will not perform at the NFL Pro Bowl because his routine is NOW considered "too racy" and an Orange County high school has pulled out of a MTV reality show due to the uncomfortable nature of said shenanigans. This is one huge 'oops', folks.

Okay...back to Photoshop...


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Highlight of last night's Real World: "No man is worth your tears" -Carmen. Ha! You're 19, sweetheart; just wait five years and you'll find out that some men are worth crying and screaming and throwing telephone receivers over. I am entirely sick of weeping girls that get drunk and black out then don't understand why their mate may want to take a break from the relationship. No sympathy from me, Frankie! You make a mistake and you deal with it. Your honey is going to eventually see the first episode with you all up in Brad's business. It's only a matter of time.

Hightlight of my night last night: PHOTOSHOP! Thank you, oh mighty Boylan and your mighty gift of software! Ron and I set our names on fire last night. Thanks to the goodness of Photoshop and some helpful tips from Tech TV, we are getting the hang of it. Pretty sweet.

I'm about to get my first serious dose of RAAAWWWKKK on Feb 17; J Baker is coming to town and we're going to see Poison the Well. I'm pretty excited. I don't listen to much hardcore music, but this I like. Not The Locust, though. Bee keeper masks, insect eyes and 35 minute-and-a-half-long songs? I'll pass, thanks.

My new favorite thing: ITunes. So much at your fingertips for 99 pennies. Score. My long-standing favorite thing: Irvine Welsh novels. I just finished "Porno," which reunited all the characters from "Trainspotting." Welsh is brilliant because he saved the punch for the last chapter, sometimes the last four pages. You run around in circles because he gives you the most unlikely surprises. I have all his books save one. Start with the short story collection, "The Acid House."

Everyone have a splendid day!!!


Monday, February 02, 2004

It is 1:47pm on Monday, February 2nd 2004. I am official sick and tired of hearing about the Janet Jackson breast issue. It's time for this to stop.

Thank you,

The Management

"THE BOOB HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD!" I loved it...everyone in the room sat open-mouthed as the lights went down, jumping to the edge of their seat laughing in disbelief. I thought it was better than sending Aerosmith into space. And yes, the stunt was an accident; JT said it was a "wardrobe malfunction." Everyone is apologizing: CBS, MTV, J. Timberlake, my mom, your mom, covering their tracks. You know boobs=ratings=media attention. And is it coincidence that Janet released her new single today? Pish posh. Will this be the Britney/Madonna kiss of 2004? Perhaps...

What lingerie bowl? Justin cops a cheap feel on the well made up Janet about 10 minutes after he woke up. At least iron your chinos before you perform at the FRIGGING SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW! I'm just saying...And P Diddy Pop Daddy pulling a Jameroquai with the moving floor was great. But the show stopper: Rhythm Nation?!! I was 12 the last time I heard that song, and you know everyone in the room did the "4,3,2,1" countdown right along with Janet. Don't you lie to me.

Disappointing commercials, save the Budweiser one with the horse passing gas and the Subway commercials that PLOWED over what little reputation Wang Chung had left. Pizza, tasty bean dip, and illegal frosted sugar cookies. I think Amber bought them out of the back of a van in Chinatown. Good times, good friends!

That is all for now! I hope your favorite team won!


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