Friday, January 30, 2004

Ho hum...the more I think about it, the more I dislike 'days off.' Work is really slow, so hours are cut for next week. I'd much rather be productive than sitting at home, getting sleepy, trying to learn Darrin's Dance Grooves. Don't let anyone fool you, Darrin has the mad flow and the steps are really friggin' hard. I tried to learn the steps for Jordan Knight's "Give it to you" for 45 minutes. I think I have a new respect for the physicality of pop stars. Same goes for the "Bye Bye Bye" N*Sync dance. Jesus, that's some poppin' and lockin'!

Speaking of Jordan Knight, will anyone go with me to the Magic Bag show??? My two friends can't go and I'm not THAT secure as to go relive my childhood alone. Anyone? Please? It'll be fun! Even if he doesn't throw down some "I'll be loving you (forever)," he'll still be Jordan K. from NKOTB. Doesn't that mean SOMETHING? Let it simmer...

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to see the new Pepsi commercial - Pink, Britain and Beyonce fighting gladiator style? Fucking ridiculous but so entertaining. And yes, I'm one of those people who watches the Superbowl for the halftime show and the commercials. So there.

New interesting ear candy of the week: Dizzee Rascal (I think that's how it's spelled). British rapper with a style reminiscent of ODB. Check it still has to grow on me, but it's working...

Hopefully, I'll see most of you in the Hills of Auburn this Sunday. Later, homies!


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Has anyone ever heard Kinky? A little bit salsa, with some keyboards, mixed with Cake and Stephen Malkumus. They're really interesting: check out their song "The Headphonist." Candy for your ears!


San Diego police: playing to camera or just being dicks? I thought the reasons behind the Real World arrests were unclear and slightly unnecessary. Come on; $8,000 bail for battery? This guy was walking and talking and smirking - she didn't even hurt him. The camera crew from "Cops" isn't coming until next week, guys. I cannot deny, though, that both Real Worlders were wasted and shouldn't have been so around cops with that kind of attitude. But Randy? So funny. And Jacquese is great - I think we can all relate to being the only sober individual in a room full of entertaining drunks.

I don't think my brain can take any more "American Idol," but I'll probably watch anyway. Other people's embarrasment is my crank.

I'm making a ridiculous amount of CDs. I've saved the playlist I used for my Alt-High School mix. Everyone will be getting a copy...great music from when 89X used to be cool and Limp Bizkit was just a twinkle in John Davis' eye.

Getting ready for a great weekend: Superbowl party, dinner and a movie with mom and dad, PF Chang's...I'm lovin' it! And if you haven't already, go to Ron's website - there's a free file you can download to turn your handwritting into a font for Microsoft Word. It's called fontifier - get down with some mad fontification!

Just a reminder: internet radio will save your life. WOXY, Virgin Radio UK, KEXP; if this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

One more thing: The Darkness is coming to Detroit. Matt Caruana broke the news, so I'll spread the word...THE DARKNESS IS COMING, THE DARKNESS IS COMING! Oh, glorious day! Nothing makes me happier right now....

That is all!


Oh sweet, succulant technology! Ron and I are now fully hooked up to the rest of the's about damn time. Now we can still communicate with those that are far away since WE'RE STUCK AT HOME! Freezing rain, 7 inches of snow, I want to go to the store and buy some cheese. Nay, not today. I've already make two mix CDs and I think that's going to be my new hobby: yep, I'm a dork.

Just saw the Oscar nominations: holy surprise! Shocking announcements:
1. Sean Astin not nominated for LOTR - shafity shaft shafted.
2. Johnny Depp nominated for Best Actor for Pirates of the Caribbean - funny, effeminate pirate = kick ass gold statue.
3. 13 year old girl from Whale Rider nominated for Best Actress - youngest nominee in history
4. Sofia Coppola up for Best Director - chicks rule! But she needs to stop wearing potato sacks. I'm just saying...
5. Lots of indies nominated - Barbarian Invasions, 21 Grams, Pieces of April, Whale Rider - quite refreshing.

Bottom line: LOTR will win. If I have to run naked through the streets of LA...on second thought, maybe I'll just ask nicely. And Bill Murray should win for Best Actor - "Ghostbusters" was my first theater movie when I was five. Nostalgia, ya know?



Thursday, January 22, 2004

Finally, I'm wired to the rest of the world. Ron and I will be getting a computer in two weeks. It is ordered and will be shipped on January 27th. I can even tell you how happy I am. DUDE, WE'RE GETTIN' A DELL!!!

Back to work...remember, Pub Crawl in the 313 this Saturday!


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

There has to be an addictive chemical in peanut butter M and Ms. It's brutal; I think I'm admitting I have a problem, here.

11 more steps to go...

AWWWW YEAH, RUSS! REAL WORLD DELIVERED! YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT YOUR LESBIAN KISS...or should I say THREE lesbian kisses! And if anyone didn't get to see it, I do have it on tape. I wanted to make sure I saw them get arrested, but that's actually next week. But I witnessed the hot girl on girl action. Sweet.

And last night was the most amazing concert I've seen in the last five years. What was billed as a Jimmy Gnecco acoustic show ended up being a trial run for the new Ours line-up. Jimmy brought out Race, the orginial guitar player for some songs, then the two new members. I was expecting new Jimmy songs, which I got, but since it really was Ours up there, I got to hear all of my favorite songs from both albums. Jimmy loves the Detroit area (and we heart him, too!) and he really bared his soul to the crowd. Goddamn, the man has a voice like I've never heard before; he can scream, he can hit the high notes...yow-zah; it's perfect live. And if I hear one more person yell out 'Hallelullah', I'll loose it. Like Amber said, he is neither Jeff Buckley or Leonard Cohen, 'nuff said. Stop with the comparisons, already!

Anyone who's interested: Sunday, January 25th at 9pm on the Travel Channel, the World Poker Tour is having it's Hollywood Homegames special. Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Fred Savage, Mimi Rogers and Drew Carey are playing. Pure butter...

Okay crazy kids, I'm outty 5000. Stay kool!


Monday, January 19, 2004

Another glorious Monday! Thank you, Deftones. Ron found "Adrenaline" in the Media Play bins: Find of the Weekend! DVDs are also 3 for 25 bucks: we scored "Van Wilder" (Ryan Reynolds is a genius), "PCU" (the birth of 'that guy') and "The Doors" (Val Kilmer is uncanny as Jim Morrison). The CDs were horribly picked over but we took advantage of the DVD deals. And of course, good times were had by all at the WAB on Sundays. Goddamn, I love friends and $2.50 bloody marys with Interpol, the Cure and REM tunes hovering overhead. Liz doesn't get drunk very often, so Liz had a really good time and did not get sick. That's always a bonus.

If anyone wants to check out a great club night: Sevin in Pontiac. Hold on, let me finish! Ladies get in free all night, lots of tables and couches to chill out on, indoor waterfalls, 75 cent beers until midnight, great 80s-early 90s tunes. And I don't go to clubs! Also, it's 21 and up so we don't get the annoying drunk 18 year old girls with too much make-up on bumping into me and spilling my beverage. And for you gentlemen, they do have go-go dancers though only half of them have rhythm. The others just sway. I can do a better job than, seriously, I can dance! Why doesn't anyone believe me?

Good TV tonight: American Idol preimer, Nerd Nation on Tech TV and American Choppers on Discovery. Ahhhhh, vegging was never this fun. Well, back to the world of work. Later, ya'll!

Final words: If you have the means, check out Idlewild's first full length album "Hope is Important"; they're pretty punk rock on this one - very cool. Or just ask me, and when I get a computer I'll burn you a copy straight away.

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET A FREAKIN' COMPUTER! AHHHHHHHHHH! Okay, I'm really done now. Laters!


Friday, January 16, 2004

I've never been able to deny it: I AM A CORPORATE WHORE. So blogging just comes naturally to me. You know me: Miss Trendy! Ohmigod, I've got to get to the mall and buy a polka dot hat because it's so in season! Think what you will, doubter of the blog (JAX!), blogs will prevail. If you guys want to see something wild, go to Boogie Fever on Thrusdays. There's a regular there that wears white patten leather pants and white shoes. I don't know any women who would attempt that fashion trick: you gotta admire the guy.

Okay, so when I go crazy at Media Play on Saturday, where do I find these amazing deals? Is there a "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT HOW CHEAP THESE CD ARE" discount bin? I don't want to waste any time, yo.

Matt Caruana and Amber Miller: keeping me informed on concerts and music news. Bless you both!

Everyone have a great weekend....and now I go back to the land of the dub.

Liz :)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Oh no, not another list! Deal with it, people:

Top Five guys that I think are super hot (but definitely not as hot as Ron Smerigan):
1. Orlando Bloom
2. Elijah Wood
3. Chris Murphy
4. Jude Law
5. Jake Gyllenhal

Rebecca and I were feeling girly today, so there you go. And yes, the Lord of the Rings trilogy did heavily influence my choices. Watched "Daredevil" for the first time last night. Do you think the movie's about justice? It just that I get this wierd feeling that there's an underlying theme about justice. That Daredevil sure loves him some justice. Saving grace: the fight scenes were well cheoragraphed and hella kool to watch. This world could use some more "men without fear," that's for sure. And FINALLY a new episode of Smallville; it's about damn time! I've gotten sucked right in. I can't think of a better way to spend the time between 8pm and 9pm on a Wednesday. Tom Wellington...yum...better give him an honorable mention in the Top Five list.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing "Big Fish" this weekend. I need something feel-good after "Monster."

Well, back to even MORE dubs than yesterday. Oh, and this goes without saying, SNOW SUCKS, especially when road commissions make smart decisions and don't plow the highways after it's done snowing. I can't wait until disc golf season starts up again. Tick tock tick tock...


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Have no fear, Russ McNamara, you did not miss the lesbian kiss. If you want some hot girly action, you most definitely need to watch next week's show. Lots of lovin' from everyone. And there is no gay housemate this year. Bi-curious maybe, but not a touch of the gay. Oh, MTV, always keeping us guessing! Anywho, Real World recap: We all need to love each other, everyone should cry, and big boats are scary. VERY scary. Like, they'll eat you if they're hungry. That's a wild phobia, worthy of some research.

That is all for today. I must continue making dubs now. Rawk.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Can you tell I have nothing to do today? No, it does suck. I think there needs to be a substitute for Wednesday nights at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak. No goths, no '80 kids, just people who like Bjork, Joseph Arthur and Radiohead. Chill out and listen to good tunes. If only I could DJ...or be cool for that matter.

Okay...I'm done now.


MUSIC NEWS: The White Stripes will be performing at the Grammy Awards. And they ARE up for Album of the Year. If they win, the walls will cave in and the world will never be the same again.

Moby is releasing an album of underground house music under the name Voodoo Child. The album is "Baby Monkey" and will be released on January 27th.


Okay folks, if you appreciate your life at all, give yourself a treat and watch "Celebrity Poker" tonight at 8pm on Bravo...David Cross will be in the finals and will bless us all with his dry wit and his 108-percent of effort, because everyone's a winner at the Palms Casino Resort! While "Celebrity Poker" has yet to reel me in with its normal season, The Cross makes it worth two hours of my life; unless he's out in the first thirty minutes - then I'll be turn my back on the Bravo network. But seriously, does any else besides me like to watch volleyball? My cousin is on the varsity team at Troy Athens and she's only 15! I went to their game last night, and they squashed Seaholm in the first two games! The chica has scholarship written all over her. Anywho, I used to play for two years in high school, so really, I'm tied to the sport through nostalgia. But these girls are strong and incredibly athletic. There's a lot more to volleyball then bare skin and gratuitous rolling-around in the sand (unless you count the volleyball scene from "Top Gun," the ONLY acception to the rule). And when you get a rally going, it's nail-biting! For real: the digs, the spikes, the serving; I need a nap now. It's quite exciting and if you happen upon a televised game at 3 in the morning on ESPN2, check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed. And the Olympics are right around the corner, folks, for all your indoor and sand volleyball needs.

Okay, so tonight: REAL WORLD - the "punk" rock, the liquor and the countdown to the lesbian kiss. Don't you move from that chair! Don't think that I don't see you, sassafrass. And can somebody PLEASE tell me where there is a Media Play near Royal Oak/Dale of the Fern/Troy? Tasty affordable music. Mmmmmmm...

Time for another list:
1. The Darkness (I'll sell my pancreas if need be.)
2. Tenacious D (they don't need a new album. Go sit in your tower and fuckin' nap.)
3. Sloan (I say this every year.)
4. Jet (I heart dirty hair.)
5. The Strokes (I'm still bitter that I missed them the first time.)

One more thing: Jordan Knight (NKOTB in da haus!) is playing the Magic Bag on February 5th. Doors at 8pm and tickets are $15. Come on, people; I'll be lovin' you forever if you come with me!!! That is all. Go in peace!

Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

Friday, January 09, 2004

Hello, Friday! So good to see you again! I just about wet my pants when I read Ron's response regarding the marriage of 'real' punk rock and the 'Real' World. I do, indeed, stand corrected. I think Matt's deduction on Frankie's emo status is also very accurate. Lots of worrying and crying with a pierced lip. Yep, that's emo alright. I too, Russ, look forward to a lesbian kiss; it will happen, I can promise you that. I'm trying my hand at fashion this weekend with my new sewing machine, some scraps of fabric and a pair of used jeans. Look out, Betsy Johnson, you're not the only one who can wear a pink tutu with a vintage tee and some combat boots. Well...actually...yes. Yes, you are.

Well, since I miss the 'Best of...' deadline, here are a list of tasks for the 2004 TO DO list:

1. Go camping
2. Play Laser Tag
3. Go to California
4. Promise to watch 'The Daily Show' on a consistant basis
5. Eat lots of sushi
6. Perfect my cartwheel
7. Finally see 'Sixteen Candles'
8. Find a new comic book series to read
9. See Sloan (they'd better tour, damnit!)
10. See how sexy I can get without exploding!

Ambitious, eh? Well, I've got 357 days left; time to get cracking! And Russ...get rid of the Flaming Stripes bitterness. Life's too short, and if you're really that upset, you can always slash tires. Bye-bye stress in an instant!!! Later, kool kidz!

Me me ME

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Worse than crack, but tasty for your mind: the online version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionare" SO HORRIBLY ADDICITING! So, the Real World is in San Diego. Good; now when people tell me "wake up and start living in the real world," I'll pack my bags and move out to sunny California. I like that they've brought the punk rawk back to this show; but why does she have to be the slutty one? I can't wait until they get arrested, because it's all REAL. I especially love the billiard table on the back porch. Nice touch. Anywho, just goes to show you that young people still value the important things in a relationship; like getting some ass and drinking entire fifths of liquor. Ah, romance, the air is rank with it! Well, up up and away! 'Til next time...


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I'm glad everyone had fun smiling and singing along to the Flaming Lips and the White Stripes. I think it's safe to say the Flaming Lips are the official House Band for New Year's Eve. Hire them at your next party! But please, they had one fiberoptic Jesus melee; they don't need another one.

So, on a completely unrelated note, Ron and I have been talking about how America has really embraced the notion of 'nostalgia' as marketing. Everything old is new again and people are buying it. So, being the bandwagon jumper that I am, here are my favorite albums that remind me of high school:

1. Elastica (self-titled)
2. Breeders "Last Splash"
3. They Might Be Giants "Flood"
4. Green Day "Dookie"
5. Weezer "The Blue Album"
6. Sloan "Twice Removed"
7. Pearl Jam "Ten"
8. MTV Party to Go, Vol. 2
9. MTV Party to Go, Vol. 4
10. Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack

I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Later, freaks!


Monday, January 05, 2004

HELLO TO ALL IN THE ALMIGHTY 'O4. So we've narrowed it down to these finalists for the official slogan of 2004:

"Whores galore in 2004"

"Your mom's a whore in 2004"

They're both winners in my heart! Today is Monday. Back to work and off the couch. Oh, but I love the couch. Sweet, soft pillowy goodness. Mmmmmmm...sorry, I'm done now. Tonight: Fruitty rice salad. SCORE! Later ya'll,

Liz, your everlasting gobstopper

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