Friday, April 30, 2004

And so it begins...

Bags are packed. Magazines are ready for mid-flight enjoyment. Maps are printed. Tickets are in hand. Sunbloack ready to be generous applied. Temperature to be 100 in Indio. Rock fist armed and will be pumped. Water to be consumed in large quantities. Beach to walk. Gardens to stroll. Skaters and hippies exist as one. Coachella to commence in 35 hours and 41 minutes.

My heart is going to explode...if I'm this excited now, I may do serious damage to myself in the next five days.

Phantom Planet, take it away: California, California, HERE WE COOOOOOME!

I don't know if this blog will hold all that will transpire, but I'll sure as hell try. See ya next Thursday!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Finally, our On Demand is working...and I couldn't be happier. Just finished watching the Darkness Live. Now, currently enjoying Mars Volta Live while catching up on all the Coachella gossip. It don't get no righter.

I am so not rock and roll

There is no way that I can proclaim 'rawk' anymore. I have met my match. There is a band....where they are from, who they are is unknown. What I do know is that their name is I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House. HOW FUCKIN' ROCK AND ROLL IS THAT? I give up. Anyone up for some John Tess and a Bacardi Breezer?

...four more days...te he he...

Saturday, April 24, 2004

So Ron and I have found a unique beer to enjoy and expand out cultural horizons with. Hebrew Messiah Bold! No joke, there's a rabbi on the front of the bottle! It's a darker brew that starts off bitter but ends up smooth. It's Jewish Beer...but I'm not sure if it's Kosher...I love it!

And I officially feel deformed. I had my final fitting for my bridesmaid's dress and the friggin' top won't fit around my ribs - not my bust, not my waist, but my ribs are too wide that the top won't zip all the way up. Is this normal? They've been like this my entire life and only now they've become a fashion obstacle. They have to add an inch on each side. Proof positive that I have the world's strangest body type - tiny torso, broad shoulders, long legs and bulging ribs. Oh damn you Express and Limited - damn you to hell! Actually, it's more funny than frustrating. It's a conversation starter!

Okay, time to begin a MUCH overdue cleaning...I go forth with mop and dustcloth...

Dissecting radio...

A few things I've noticed:
I really love that what most would consider 'college rock' is starting to edge its way onto the rock radio plateau, specifically Modest Mouse and Muse. Both bands made it onto 89X's Hit List yesterday, and that made me feel good. If anyone noticed last weekend, 88.7 had a Moz giveaway, where listeners could win a copy of Morissey's new CD and a trip to New York to see him perform. It was clear that all of the jocks were the ones that wanted to have this contest - they were so enthused to talk about Morissey! To them, he's what 'modern rock' is all about. And hopefully, they'll work his new song into the weekend rotation. It's so good! WOXY is all over it so I've had a few quality listens. I think I'll have to buy the album.

Two songs I never thought I'd enjoy, but I find myself surfing the dial for - the latest single from Lost Prophets and "The Reason," by Hoobastank. I don't know what it is about "The Reason" but it's pure, it's simple, it's honest and very sweet. And Lost Prophets, well, they just rawk and make me tap my toe at the same time.

New iTunes purchases:
Mystikal - "Shake It Fast (they only had the clean cut)" and "Bouncin' Back" (Booty from the Franklin Street dayz)
Yellowcard - "Ocean Avenue" (I heart emo boys!!!)
Ben Kweller - "I Need You Back", "On My Way", "Believer" (OHMIGOD, I LOVE THIS GUY)
Modest Mouse - "Float On", "Bury Me With It", "Ocean Breathes Salty" (new album...possible new purchase...)
Totally schizophrenic, but totally worth it.

Have an outstanding Saturday...and for the record, I REALLY am pissed I missed out on Muse. Sounds like Emily had a very spiritual experience and that everyone was really impressed. I am NOT pissed about having to wait so long...that's crazy...


Friday, April 23, 2004

Back to normal...if that's possible...

Definitely bummed that I missed the Muse show, but my body was really pissed off at me last night. I didn't even do anything! I was having horrible lower abdominal cramps and stabbing pains in the middle of my back. Good times. I tried to tough it out, but at the last second, I bailed. I hope Amber and Jackie had a good time. I expect full bloggage later today.

And a HUGE thank you to Robin, Ron's sister, for her massage relief technique. It worked immediately and I was back to normal in no time. Just a little pressure goes a long way.

Damien Rice on Sunday and Balderdash-mania with Mom and Pop on Saturday...and ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL COACHELLA...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST HERE!!! I'll just be a mess next week. No focus, no drive, just visions of Thom Yorke and Robert Smith, all mopey and brooding, in my head. It'll be the best time with great friends. Life is pretty effin' sweet right now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Weekend update a bit late: recoverd yesterday from a Saturday night which included 3 hours of sleep. Good times. We're young, damn it. It won't be long before these will all be distant memories, so let's savor them. I was treated to the vocal/piano/cello/rock stylings of Murder By Death on Saturday. If you haven't heard them, please do - they're in the vein of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead...; moody but still loud and abrasive. Then came Rasputina; goth kids gone wild! Two semi-hot female cello players in tattered renaissance clothing, corsets and all, and a drummer who could have been a circus ringmaster. And they were great. Cello playing AND singing??? It can be done. Again, moody, but in that slightly depressing sort of way. These don't sound like compliments but they really are. They even covered Led Zepplin and Pat Benetar...on cello. It might sound wrong, but the fact of the matter is it takes major cojones for anyone to cover Led with a cello.

Later that evening/morning after many a bar, Jax, myself and the GR crew decided to take a historical journey over to the Fluoride Monument. You see, back in 1945, Grand Rapids was the first city in the world to put fluoride in their water. How did GR wisely spend 2 million dollars? THEY BUILT A FREAKIN' MARBLE TRIBUTE TO FLUORIDATION! I couldn't even stand up; laugher ensued as we read the "Fifty Years of Fluoridation 1945-1995" inscriptions. No tooth, no toothbrush, just a few clean marble tablets. The Ten Commandments of dental hygiene. Sheesh.

Later that evening, Jackie and I hankered for a Mulligan's Stew. In case you don't know, a stew is a shot of Kaluha, Baileys and vodka, lit on fire and sucked through a straw. We drove to Mulligan's, walked in the bar, ordered the shots which the bartender kindly lit for us, sucked them down, were cheered on by a local mullet, then walked out. Totally time: three minutes. The shortest bar visit in history. We did what we set out to do, so we rewarded ourselves with Yesterdog.

I seem to have underestimated Hot Hot Heat. I think the song is called "No, Not Now", but it's really good, and it's from "Make Up the Breakdown." How did I end up looking over this gem? Naughty me.

Finally, the mystery revealed! I was enlightened and's so true...

But, at the start of this rock and roll weekend, there was Electric Six. And it was GOOD. Back in Spades was a great introduction to the evening. The guitar player was astounding, looking up the heavens as he cranked out beautiful noise. Your dad was in the MC5 and your mom is Patti Smith? Enough said. But then Midwest Product brought the house down, literally, people wanted more rock, but instead we got beep-bop-boops. I think they got the order mixed up; Back in Spades should have been the lead in for Electric Six. ANYWHO, I can't explain how crazy I got. Ron and I got right up to the stage and were showered with on stage antics. Lots of improper dancing, pelvis and neck thrusting, manic waving to the crowd, two new songs that blew our dicks off, a bass player who had so much attitude you became hypnotized with desire for five second intervals, a costume change, all of my favorite songs. It was so much fun...that's only word I can use to describe it. Tons of fun that didn't take itself too seriously. Non-serious fun. And the stage divers got out of control - IF YOU ARE OVER 200 POUNDS, PLEASE DON'T STAGE DIVE. There were many unnecessary jumps made by heavy individuals and finally, security intervened. There was one rockabilly freak that tried jumping on our side of the stage, and we let him fall...hard. He fell so hard in front of us, there was no way that anyone was going to catchy this tubby punk rocker. It was hilarious!

Okay, time for chilli. Sorry, I had a lot to get out. I feel much better now.

Monday, April 19, 2004

More about the Grand Rapids fluoride monument and the shortest bar hop ever tomorrow, but first some breaking news. I know that Emily and Amber remember him, as most females would. When we were all green to the WAB, there was a gorgeous young man would we were convinced was the love child of Morrisey and Michael Stipe. He was that beautiful. He was always an emotionless feast for the eyes...and then one day, he was gone. Morrisey Stipe went bye-bye - until now. HE'S THE NEW KEYBOARD PLAYER FOR THE ELECTRIC SIX! I almost collapsed with joy when Ron pointed him out to me ("isn't that they guy you used to stare at who worked at the WAB?"). Yes, Ron, yes it is. It was a beautiful night. She's Guatemalan. She looks good in American clothes. Electric Six - my ass's face was kicked. Two of Ron's photos made it onto their show review on Motor City Rocks. Way to go, baby!

More tomorrow...

Friday, April 16, 2004

Friday is good!

America has come to their senses and JPL is out of the competition. Way to go, America - you've made the right choice. It's about fucking time.

Last night's premier party was a blast! My bosses finally met my parents, Ryan cut together a hilarious tribute to Bill (highlight: The Goats of Guyana!!!), I drank tasty Coronas, ate amazing bruschetta and hung out with some of the most fun people I've ever worked with. It was a joy!

I just made two kick ass iTunes mix CDs. Now I can have Murphy Lee, Snow Patrol and Kinky wherever I go. Rawk.

I leave tomorrow for Grand Rapids to enjoy Murder By Death and get some sweet lovin' from J. Baker. Tonight, though I've been warned against it, will be Electirc Six, Back in Spades, and Midwest Product. I'm ready - let us go forth.

To all those whoo see Kill Bill Vol. 2 this weekend, I heard it's out of control in the best possible way. Action film of the year? Quite possibly.

I guess I should get ready for work to sleep in and my body thanks me...everyone have a great weekend AND YOU SHOULD COME OUT TO ELECTRIC SIX TONIGHT.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

For your reading pleasure

a) You can download three of the Killers' songs from iTunes, as well as an exclusive song from Pete Yorn, who is now trying to be Tom Waits. Interesting...I'll leave it at that.

b) How did Frank Black get to be so fat? The indie rock godfather is pretty friggin' hefty. Aren't they all supposed to be vegan? I just assumed that extra poundage could all be avoided, but he really could blend in at a Monroe county monster truck rally, I swear.

c) Great article, shedding some much needed light on one of life's most burning questions: How has John Stevens survived on 'Idol?'

Closing remarks: does anyone remember how good "Talk to Me, Dance with Me" was? Still is! Even though it's one of Hot Hot Heat's only two decent songs, it more than makes up for it in repeat value. Now I must enjoy Tough Crowd. Laters!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

One other thing that totally makes my day: "What If That Guy From The Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?" by Stephen Lynch. Funny times a zillion.

I wish this could be a bit more enthusiastic but, alas, I woke up at 4:45 this morning (shooting all day in Ann Arbor) and it's finally hitting me now - that's really friggin' early. It was a lot of walking today, since Mott Children's Hospital has 8 floors and miles to go. A productive, though draining, day indeed. I was very happy to leave the pediatric ICU; an hour before we went up to shoot, we found out that four families were informed that their children would die today. An hour of sobbing men and women all around you - yeah, glad to be out of there. Not to mention we also shot on the pediatric cancer floor. Kids with IV treatments walking around - not sunny. I did find out that indeed the world is a very small place. The PR woman we've been working with was employed by Mt. Pleasant's PBS station and she knew most of the Moore Hallers from 2001-2002. Good to reminise and keep Chips-by-proxy informed.

Looking forward to Chicago (the musical) tomorrow, "MED AIR" ON DISCOVERY WINGS NETWORK 8PM-11PM THURSDAY (do I need to remind you to mark your calanders or set your Tivo? Nay, I believe you already have - check your goddamn local listings!!!), Electric Six on Friday and Murder By Death on Saturday. Rock and roll good time to be had and Rolling Rock from a plastic bottle to be comsumed. Eff you, Magic Stick and your plastic beverage policy!

Now, I must rest...and eat some sushi. Blessed be Little Tree.

Laughing out loud - funniest rant ever about turning 25. and "Busted" by the Isley Brothers...go upstairs, pack your bags, while you at it, call a cab.

Everyone should start their day with two songs: "Don' Let's Start" (They MIght Be Giants) and "Bootylicious" (Destiny's Child). No worries, baby.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I love hanging out with friends! Three hours at the WAB with great people and raspberry blondes are money and time well spent. Talking Nintendo, liberal radio, it don't matter, son! I love good beer and good conversation. My friends are the one has better friends than me. In Detroit, in Grand Rapids, in Flint...nigha, it don't matter! I got good people all over this muthafuckin' mitten! Now time for Banzai...more drinking, perhaps? I will and Ron will fall asleep, but he's had a long ass day at Tiger's opening day. 10 hour days mean quality blanket time. Oh, that sounds good right now. Everyone have a great evening!!!

Now I want Jimmy John's...oh, evil subbity goodness...

I wanna go to the Netherlands

People in the Netherlands are fucking crazy. What will they think of next now that eye jewelry has made gains in popularity? Maybe they're resort to marajuana and prostitutes...oh, wait...never mind.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Things I'm having trouble understanding

First: Why do major sports celebrations usually involve not only cheering and hollering but the burning of cars and the shattering of store-front windows? Did I not get that memo? Does celebration=destruction of public property? This is not just in light of the University of Conneticuit happy-happy-joy-joy riot. Hockey, doesn't make any sense!

Second: John Peter Lewis - GET THAT DUMB MOTHERFUCKER OFF THE STAGE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. I just get more and more incensed with each performance. And if I recall correctly, he's butchered Elton John twice - once with "Tiny Dancer" and tonight with "Rocket Man." Yep, those ARE two of Elton John's best songs , "Tiny Dancer" being the greatest song ever written in the history of the world. JPL - Just Please Listen to reason and stop, now. But LaToya is smoking everyone - dynamite. She's got it in the bag, yo.

Third: I flipped out after seeing Bob Dylan featured in a Victoria's Secret commercial. In a word: utterly ridiculous. Oops, that's two. Sorry, he's not sexy. He's a rock legend, but not sexy. He looks tired all the time. And by the way, not sexy. Vicki's playing a horrible joke on all of us. Maybe that's the secret: she thinks that Bob Dylan is sexy. He's not.

If anyone can help shed some light on any of these issues, please do. I'm not trying to judge, just to understand. Tomorrow, I get my first taste of Chappelle's Show. So much hype...

Monday, April 05, 2004

More music making me happy...

Though this enthusiasm is a little overdue...SLOAN IS COMING TO ST. ANDREW'S HALL ON MAY 20TH!!! Oh beautiful day filled with rock kicks and Chris Murphy twirling his drum sticks and an encore with "Underwhelmed."

Thanks to Amber for this concert note last Friday. So much to look forward to in May!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Hard to find the words...

This may come as a shock to some people, but I do like pop music. IF it's done well. That being said, I was completely blown away by the triple threat that was Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys and Beyonce last night at the Palace. Holy shit...holy shiznitty shiznit! No doubt, it will be in my top five of the year. Oh yeah, and we were 18th row. Boo-yah. I went with my friend Joe, and I think we were most excited about the "dance interlude" during one of Beyonce's costume changes. You see, she had a DJ and he just started cutting up all the best dance songs (including "Yeah," slowly becoming my new favorite). I looked around the Palace and people were going out of their minds. It was the biggest freakin' dance party I've ever seen. So much energy! I seriously had doubts as to who should be headlining after Alicia Key's performance. She floored me. So much soul, such a talented piano player, and on her way to Diva status. She shook her jelly, crawled all over her piano...the votes are in - she is a star. I wanted to slap the people who didn't move or clap or appear to feel anything during Alicia's performance - I can't understand why you wouldn't be moved by her. Missy was, of course, Missy the Queen Bitch. Track suits with sequins, unbelievable break dancers, strippers, Missy running through and chillin' with the crowd, dipping back into "Supa Dupa Fly" - so much fun to watch. And Beyonce - OH LORD, SO MUCH JELLY! She came out on a canopy bed, throwing rose petals into the crowd down the middle aisle of the floor section. Flames shooting from the stage, the afore mentioned dance party, all the hits, A DESTINY'S CHILD MEDELY (though lacking "Bootylicious", which I downloaded immediately after I returned home), sprinting across the stage wearing three inch heels, and The's muthafunkin' Beyonce, yo! All in all, it was such a shiny, glorious pop circus, and I had a ring side seat.

Worthy side note: There was a woman in a pink track suit who was the star of the music video in her mind in between Missy and Alicia. Prince's greatest hits were heard over the PA and she was just workin' it. And she was in her 40s! Coolest mom in the building award goes to pink track suit lady!

Okay, preparing for apartment overhaul. Enjoy your day of rest...

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Long time, no blog

Hi, folks! With all the rock and work and grocery shopping taking up most of my time not spent sleeping, I've been away. So, let's recap, shall we? When I heard about the 89X Birthday Bash, I almost spit out my Nantucket Nectar. Really? When did they become a FRIGGIN' EMO STATION? Dashboard, Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, Blink 182? Silly new rock alternative, you're not fooling anybody. There will be so many 15 year old boys with tiny pins on their jackets and tears in there eyes. While I do like these bands, I'm not going to spend the money to see Chris Carrabba look like a Abercombie and Fitch ad and The Get Up Kids not play anything from "Four Minute Mile."

Is there a new trend happening with two-day festivals? The afore mentioned Birthday Bash, now Lollapalooza. Can people who listen to Sonic Youth and Morrissey afford to get ass raped my ticketmaster for two straight day? These questions need answering, people!!! Sorry folks, I'm not paying for two days worth of music unless it's in the desert and called Coachella. At least in Indio we're getting two FULL days worth of music with about 50 bands, if not more.

Muse made it onto the 89X HitList last week. A beacon in the land of Limp...

On the DCFC/Ben Kweller show: so good. Everyone was in agreement that the Royal Oak Music Theater needs to have more shows there. Good size, good sound, wall benches that make for optimal viewing. Death Cab was great; they could be your neighbors. They closed with the "Transatlanticism." Dare I say even better live than on the album. There, I said it. Ben Kweller did indeed melt all the girls' hearts into butter. Tight jeans, leather jacket, perfect pop melodies, and my first ever live guitar playing somersault. I mean, I've seen them on TV, but never at a real show. The new album comes out April 6th. Scoop it up!

Is it just me...or DOES EVERYONE HAVE A PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATE??? Now, I'm not opposed to them (you're the acception, Coell *wink*) but I've seen them every day this week. No, "MOOVIT" is not clever, and neither is "SCOOTER." Please stop, because it makes me angry when I drive and then I hurt someone. No one wins.

Finally, things I really like right now: The new Von Bondies album, "Suzanne" off of the deluxe Weezer 'blue album', vegetarian chilli, clean clothes...I'm a simple woman. What can I say?

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